Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, it's been a year of ups and downs for me.

endured another medicine switch
med switch didn't help much
RA forced me to give up riding
still haven't sold my last bike yet hoping one morning I will wake up and miracuously feel better and start riding again (yeah, I know ... sounds dumber when I type and read it)
noticing more mobility problems

daughter will deliver twins in January (1st (and 2nd) grandchild)
becoming more confident with the camera
preparing my first photography exhibit for mid spring

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Safe New Year while keeping up the fight against RA! And remember it's all about the attitude ... pick a good one.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear of your downs for 2017. Damn RA. It sure can be a downer and steal the living right from us. However, I do like your approach. Attitude has always been my mantra. I know that this sucks, but I know it could be worse and I'm going to make lemonade out of the lemons in my life.

Keep moving forward always. Your photos are lovely. I'm happy that you have been able to redirect your passion. When the grandkids arrive, you'll especially want to be taking photos.

Best wishes for 2018

Terry said...

phat50chick, no time to slow down, even though I move closer to a sloth nowadays! RA can be cruel but I had a good 12-13 years of riding after being diagnosed ... that's more time than a lot of people get to be active so I'm not complaining there. Still, at 30, I saw myself still racing motorcycles at 60. My reality today is some days it's all I can do to get out of bed and make it to the couch in the living room. Thank you for the comment on my photos and yes ... I will probably take a photo or two of the granddaughters! Haha

Keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year buddy. Wishing you a great 2018.
Got 3 deer in the fall and was still able to butcher them myself and smoke some summer sausage.
Cooking is getting to be my new hobby in retirement and while it is tough on the hands, I have all day to do it, plus my wife is very happy.
Bike sits in the basement. We have ice on the lakes now so I may see if I still have enough energy to go out and fish. Very cold here.
Hang in there buddy and keep up the photography(very nice)
Phil - Syracuse

Terry said...

Hey Phil, so good to hear from you and it sounds like you have it by the tail right now!! Bravo, and keep up the good work ... you make the rest of us jealous.

mary said...

Love the photos. I’m interested in hearing about the show you are preparing for. Sounds exciting. Twins wow. That will keep your daughter busy and granddad proud.
I’m recovering from foot surgery. Basically had my foot rebuilt. Now all my toes face the right direction as does my foot as a whole. 12 weeks no weight bearing is a pain but the doc assures me my foot will be back to normal after it heals. All the screws and plates will be left in so now I have a rod in my back, cables and screws in my shoulder and a bionic foot. Stupid RA. Still I’m glad they have a way to fix these things.
Happy New Year and congrats grandpa!

Terry said...

Hello Mary, thank you and I will post more about the exhibit and I might even take a photo of the twins if I can remember to. Haha
Sounds painful (while racing, I broke 2 bones in the top of my right foot and 2 toes ... not near the pain of having your foot rebuilt I know, but that was painful enough to me! Take care of yourself and you will be better than new, the Six Million Dollar Woman. I am facing up to the fact that I need a knee replacement and possibly a hip replacement in the future. Stupid RA indeed! Thanks again and good luck with the healing my friend.

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