Monday, September 4, 2017

Sorry About My Absence Here

Good news ... the Cimzia is working. Or is it just that the weather has turned hot and dry that is helping me out? I am guessing it is both. While I am doing better, I'm not doing "riding" better. I have my last bike that I own for sale now and I'm moving on. Giving in has not been easy, it never is, but I'm enjoying photography as a distraction from RA now. Below are a few shots I have pulled off this summer.

 Milky Way with passing car light trail
 Eclipse shot through solar filter
Light trails shot through suspension bridge 
One of our hummingbirds 
Natural Dam under moonlight 
Spiro Lake at blue hour sunset 
Light trail of train
Cossatot River bridge at sunset


Rick Phillips said...

The photos are amazing. I am sorry you are moving on from bicycling, but hey other adventures await. I am also glad that the Cimizia is working out.

A small note, the RABlog week 2017 prompt survey is underway. If you get a chance the survey can found at:

I hope you will join us this year.

mary said...

So glad the meds are working and you are feeling better! Hope it continues through the winter.
The photos are great. That eclipse was something wasn't it. I look forward to seeing more of what you do with the camera.
Summer is always a good time for me. I am still cycling and actually feel better on the bike than I have in a long time. I think I have finally recovered from the spinal fusion I had a few years ago. It looks like I may have to have a mid-foot fusion done in the near future but I am getting second opinions on that.
Rally nice to hear from you. I thought maybe you had thrown in the towel on blogging.

Terry said...

Thank you Mary, so good to hear you are back to being able to ride (and do so comfortably). It is good to be able to do what we love ... better to do it with reduced or better yet pain free. I have considered leaving the blog world but am going to just turn this to a RA/photography blog. I will be remodeling it soon.

The eclipse was very cool and I have a confession. I had 2 photographers that invited to 2 different locations to shoot it. I opted to stay here, got several decent shots but actually had no idea it would be as cool as it was in totality. I am already making plans with one of them that invited me to go to the next one in 7 years. It will be coming directly over a place that we both rode through several times so we know the area well.

Thanks for still following me. I know I've lost a lot of readers with the slow down/slow conversion to photography. But that's part of surviving with a disease ... pick yourself back up, adjust and get back in the game of life.

Terry said...

Rick, thank you. I am actually moving on from motorcycle adventure riding. I will look into the survey on my days off early next week. Thanks for stopping by, hope you will be back.


Anonymous said...

Well you seem to have enough energy to take some beautiful pictures.
My Humira seems to be holding at about a 7 out of 10, so the Doc's say stay on it for now.
Maybe I will ride the klr again, but being in pain most of the time does not make me want to ride on two wheels.
So just like you I am looking for a new owner for my machine.
I found a new carbon bow that I am getting used to for the upcoming bowhunting season and my old standby is shooting well, but is a real workout compared to the newer one.
Walking, Tai Chi, and exercise seem to be something that I can still do for now so even through the daily pain, I am hanging in there. Hope you can manage to do the same.
Phil :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing better. Sometimes the hardest part is accepting our limits. You have had a hell of a run motorcycling and your photography is amazing. It seems you have made that an adventure as well. Happy Trails.

Terry said...

Anon, sorry I missed your comment. Accepting our limitations is tough ... it gets tougher when our limitations keep changing further restricting us from what we want to do. You're correct, I have been very fortunate to ride with this disease as long as I did. I'm also not one to sit around and feel sorry for myself. Photography is enjoyable, certainly less impact on my body, but doesn't come close to the thrill factor of riding.

Terry said...

Phil, thank you, I'm learning photography as I go but it's not as exciting as riding! I wish I could have a few months of 7 out of 10, you enjoy the ride, I hope it lasts a long time for you buddy. Hate to hear you're selling the bike but I completely understand. Good luck with the new bow and hunting season.

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