Monday, April 17, 2017

Full Frame Cometh

I'm doing ok with the switch to Cimzia. Not great ... just ok. I have been having up and down weeks with all of the spring storms coming through Oklahoma. What I'm dreading is the start of mowing season. Our yard is three acres with a lot of trees and fence to weed eat around. I have put this off about as long as I can.

I have still not sold my last bike yet. I am riding it around the block every couple of weeks to keep it up. I am in the process of buying a full frame Nikon for milky way season this year. I have been shooting a lot of lightning over the past month. I am feeling pretty good about lightning now, having several good shots with each storm that passes over us. In the past, I had shot  ... maybe five good shots all of my life. I am shooting 5-10 keepers with every storm now. I'm loving getting back into photography as a distraction.


Anonymous said...

Wow, we don't see many big electrical storms with such intensity here in upstate NY.
We did have a system move in last Saturday that really ruined my day, so I have mixed feelings about storms and big weather fronts.
Your pictures look great, I love lightning.
My bike is in the basement, but it is still wet, windy, and cool here so I have time. This was my second injection of Humira last week (One of two that I missed over the years), but no miracles yet.
My wrist and fingers are in bad shape, but I can still put a brace on and work out on the total gym twice a week plus my feet have been getting better so I can walk a bit more.
We shall see if I can get much use out of the KLR this year so I may end up in the same boat as you pretty soon. Each ride is a small victory for me so it's all good.
At the end of May I will retire from my job at the college with very mixed feelings, but I won't have to worry about getting to work every day and can always find part time stuff. My department has already asked me to teach a lab or two in the fall so I will still be able to see friends and interact with students.
So glad to see you are still posting and having fun with photography.
Take care.
Phil - Syracuse

mary said...

Hi Terry,
These pictures are sweet! Wish I had your timing on the shutter. The idea of a new camera must be pretty exciting. The things available today on a digital are amazing. Be careful in the storms. Hope you have some luck selling the bike. I know that will be a bitter sweet moment for you.

Weather here is up and down. Hot one day cold the next. Not the best thing for the hands and feet. I have always found spring to be the worst time of year for me. I have had my bicycle out a few times. The rides are short and slow but I still love riding. I am debating a hybrid bike for the future. I have an old mountain bike I bought for $50 a few years ago just for tooling around to the library, hardware store etc. I rode it to the store over the weekend and am thinking that may be the direction I am headed.

Terry said...

Phil, we have had a ton of storms so far this year ... which makes some great photo opportunities. We had a wall cloud go directly over the house 2 weeks ago, but we also had a lot of rain and hail so I couldn't get the camera out for that one, plus it was at night again.
I wish you the best with Humira, it worked well for me for a while. You are certainly right about each ride is a small victory. I have mine for sale but still take it out for a short ride every couple of weeks. I am so jealous of retiring! Congratulations and best of luck with your (about to be) new found freedom!

talk to you later my friend

Terry said...

Thank you Mary. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I am getting a lot of practice with all of the storms we have been having. I have my new camera and I absolutely love it! I also still have my bike, haha. It will sell soon though, I'm sure of it.

I know about the up and down temps ... what a roller coaster this spring. We have all kind of mountain bike trails in NW Arkansas. How I wished they would have had them when I was younger and riding a mountain bike a lot. Keep on riding, you still amaze me still being able to do this with RA! Be careful.

mary said...

Hey Terri, Don't know if you'll get this since you posted a few weeks ago and may have moved on but thought I would give it a whirl. I read a few Ra blogs. Sometimes I go back to the beginning to a persons blog to see how their disease has progressed and how their lives have changed. I took a look at your first few posts. One was about bands being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I am happy to report that most of the bands and people you mentioned in your post are now inducted into the hall of fame. I don't know why that post struck me and I felt like I wanted to respond but there you go.
I don't know if you ever go back and read your old posts but give it a try. You can read about how you have persevered through the years and be proud of how you handled it all.