Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I'm Back!!

Man, this spring has hit me hard. I have not felt good at all, in fact, I have not rode my bike since the last real ride I did with Mike and Greg back in February. Pain and fatigue have had me down. Then, amidst thoughts of selling my bike since I don't feel like riding, last Monday the rain just stopped and the heat lit up. Suddenly I am feeling back to MY normal (not everyone elses normal) and I have got more done around the yard, flower beds and shop in the past 10 days than I have done all year! I am going to ride next week and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. I guess I have been borderline depressed over it thinking the new, stronger infusions weren't working. I haven't even kept up with my blog and I have no doubt lost some followers over it. I hate that but I really do appreciate everyone who has e-mailed me checking on me. You know who you are and you brightened my days by doing so. So, I'm back and hopefully next week, I will have a couple of new tales from the road and photos.
Speaking of photos, I have a new Nikon DSLR with a couple of long lenses. Here are a couple of shots I have shot with it so far. Not sure I want to carry this camera with me on the bike just yet.
Sunset from my front porch last week.

Time exposure shot downtown Fort Smith.

Moon shot with Vivitar 650-1300mm, this was zoomed to 900.