Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winter 2016 ... Mild One But A Rough One

Nicole at Healthline sent me a link that might prove useful. If it can just help one person it makes it all worthwhile. 7 Tips From People With RA : 

It's been a long while since I have posted anything. I have had a couple of people checking on me and I do appreciate it. I am doing better on the Actemra but it has knocked my immune system back to where I have caught everything that has come along this winter. I had the stomach flu mid January and thats the hardest anything has hit me in a LONG time. At one point, with the exception of running to the pot to either sit on it or stand over it to hurl, I slept 35 hours straight. I have also had a sinus infection, a common cold and just as I thought I was about to be semi-normal again ... BAM, bronchitis!

Through it all though, my RA has been pretty well managed and I am thankful for that. With the exception of my work days, I average 24,000 steps per shift on work days, I am doing well. I have less fatigue and reduced joint pain. I'm also sleeping better through the night and that is a big help. Any time you can get up feeling more rested in the morning just means your day is going to be a little easier for you.
Then there's that moment when you open a letter from your health insurance company and have been turned over to a claims research center for treatment for "severe pain in your joints". No sh**, I live with serious joint pain every damn day. Haha, I thought that the rheumatologist after my doctors name combined with joint pain would be a dead give away but that just shows how much I know! The crime is my health insurance is going up every year more than my cost of living! Don't see anyone investigating that though. When the lady with the claims research center found out that it was for treatment of RA, she immediately apologized and told me that she was closing the case out. I understand there is a lot of fraud on both sides of the fence with insurance companies. What set me off is that I have been treated for RA now (same insurance company the entire time) for over 12 years and been using the same doctor for over 11 years ... and now they are going to question it?
Temps have been pretty good but I have only managed two rides so far this year but that will change soon. I have a ton of bridges and a few ghost towns in Oklahoma bookmarked along with three weeks of vacation. I got to ride with Greg and my old racing buddy Mike a couple of weeks ago. We rode down to and over the tunnel on I-49. I thought it was going to be a photo op but it was more of a big let down than anything. It was so grown up with trees and fenced off so you couldn't get closer for a better photo.Greg and I are going back up there when it warms up, he saw the train trestle out of Winslow. We both want to get some photos of that.

From on top of the Bobby Hopper Tunnel over Interstate 49