Tuesday, April 7, 2015

RA Inspired Tattoos

My jackass friend RA has been treating me a little better since it has warmed up this spring. I finally got started walking again everyday and have been doing a light workout with weights three days a week. It's not much of a workout but it feels good to feel like doing something again. It does NOT feel good to be mowing and weed eating again. The only part of winter that I like is not having to mow! It's funny how life thumbs it's nose at you, I had wanted a large yard for years. Then a mere four years after we built our house on three acres, I was diagnosed. Mowing has been a love/hate thing ever since. 

Our sweet little dog Misty, is 17 now and somedays it's hard to tell which one of us is moving slower. She has arthritis and despite that and her age, she still insists on making every step I do around the house. She has outlived two rescue dogs that we took in and still loves to aggravate the cat. She is always so excited to see me when I come home from work. If I find a girl that pees in the floor every time every time she sees me walk in the door, I'll marry her. 

Healthline has a cool slideshow about RA inspired tattoos that you can check out here: http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/rheumatoid-arthritis-tattoos#2  Along with photos, there is a brief description about each tattoo. If any of you have an RA inspired tattoo, Healthline is accepting submissions to add to their slideshow. There is a link on the first page of the slideshow if you are interested in participating. I myself am too big of a chicken to have a tattoo. Yep, don't like needles ... not gonna happen.

I got out early today on a solo ride down to Booneville. I had located (through tons of research and google maps) the old Rock Island train depot. It partially burned around 2000 but what was saved of it still sits there. I will have photos of it on my next post. The train tracks were pulled up in the 1980's but you could see where they once lay. I would love to take the drone up for an aerial view to see if you could follow the old train bed out of town. However it sits right next to the US Post Office and as paranoid as everyone is about drones, I could see it turning ugly quick trying to fly there. 

In looking back at the past, I am proud of what I got to do before being diagnosed. By looking at what I once did, compared to what I can do now, drives me to do all that I can today. I don't want to look back five years down the road and wish I would have done this or that while I could still do it. Those of you who have your youth and health, the world is yours ... go enjoy every minute of it. I was once like you and never thought anything would happen. It does, trust me, so live and enjoy life every day. We know not what tomorrow brings.
Accidental drone selfie while flying at an abandoned bridge.
Little dawg asleep styling in her new sweater.
Throwback racing photos: me picking up an overall trophy at John Zink.
Husky 430 racing a hare scramble.
Never liked being this out of control while racing but it made a good picture.