Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This Week Is My Kind Of Winter

After a rough start to 2015, I am feeling better. I have been reluctant to talk about my RA the last couple of posts because I get tired of feeling like I'm whining about it. The cold/wet weather has made it very hard on my RA. Compound that with smashing the crap out of my hand two days before New Years Day.  My hands hurt everyday from RA but this was a different, you can see how swollen it was (my hands not really that fat). Long story short, some three weeks later it is still tender if bumped (pretty sure one of the top bones in my right hand was cracked) but the swelling is back down and the puncture wound is finally scabbed over.  I have had elevated pain in my hips and shoulders while my hips have had a tremendous amount of stiffness. They are some better, then again we have had mid 60's temps for a week now. 

I got out on the bike Monday and hunted down an abandoned bridge to shoot. It was, supposedly, once a through truss but only the piers and some main beams remain. There is a grist mill stone inserted in one of the east piers making it very unique. Went back Tuesday with the drone to shoot it and another bridge. While hovering in front of the grist mill stone saw a nest of something inside. Then about 130 ft up, three hawks came to check the drone out, we suspect thinking they had an easy lunch. All of the turbulence around the drone scared them off but they kept an eye on the drone from a distance.
Abandoned West Fork Cedar Creek bridge.
Grist Mill Stone in one of the piers.
Some main beams still on top of the piers.
Drone pic
You can see some type of nest inside the stone.

Monday, January 5, 2015

(No) Fear Of Flying

Well. it's been too cold to ride but I have found something to pass the time away til it warms back up ... I now have two drones. Steve picked up his new $900 Phantom 2 drone today and brought it over. So we did what guys do best ... pulled it out of the box and slapped it together as quickly as we could not bothering to read the instructions. It has built in GPS, a compass. wifi extender and the transmitter has a clamp for your cell phone. You download an app and your cell phone controls, through wifi, the camera. You can literally watch on the phone where you are flying from the drones perspective. It has real time readouts on altitude, wind speed and direction, and you can aim the camera all from your cell phone. Oh, I almost forgot the best part ... it's huge but it's fast! If I ever get to where I can no longer ride, I can see getting into this much deeper than I already am.
On the night flight we did, we noticed, on video playback, about halfway down our street a truck stopped and sat for several minutes, we assume watching the bright lights going back and forth then hover over our house. The truck then proceeded toward our end of the street but slowed way down when approaching our house. We thought of Randy Quaid in Independence Day saying "I picked a hell of a day to quit drinkin'." lol
Phantom 2 with transmitter 
View from 190 feet over our house
Sunset from 200 feet up.