Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I've Had Better Weeks

As someone who loves the outdoors I have been downright bummed by all of the cold, nasty weather we have had since Thanksgiving.  I get cabin fever quickly and the past 16 days have been no exception.  We have had freezing rain, snow and sleet with temps down to zero ... and it isn't even winter yet!  I hate winter.

My RA is running wild with all of the cold moisture we have had.  I had to call in to work FMLA tonight due to my right hand.  I am experiencing severe pain, swelling and cannot use it to grip or pretty much do anything.  I hurt everyday and work with pain but this was different.  I have had FMLA filled out on my RA for the past seven or maybe eight years now ... this is only the second time I have used it.  Yeah, it hurts that bad.  On top of my RA, Donna gave me the crud that she had brought home from working at the hospital.  I have been sick as a dog but I'm finally feeling better.  Have I mentioned I hate winter?

My bikes are feeling neglected.  I haven't even started my KLR since before Thanksgiving.  I have a couple of new parts that I haven't felt like messing with.  I downloaded BaseCamp for my GPS to map out rides then load them into my GPS ... I just need to get it figured out now.  I'm no longer a techie.  I used to love new stuff, now I put off switching as long as I can.  Like when they fazed out VHS tapes to DVD's, then DVD's to Blu-ray.  Whatever comes next after Blu-ray will just have to move on without me.  I have new camping gear bookmarked so I will be camping some off of the bike next year.  Looking forward to that, now I just need it to warm up!  Oh, my bikes hate winter also.

After borrowing my KLR a few weeks ago, one of my riding buddies just bought a new KLR. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.  May you stay warm, safe and surrounded by family.