Tuesday, June 18, 2013

RA Burnout

It has been 11 years since I was diagnosed and I have to admit I am doing better than I envisioned at this time, but I'm also really tired of dealing with it day after day.  Yesterday my wife and I met some family for lunch.  When asked how I was doing, I just replied "good" and left it at that.  Most people don't really want to know or cannot comprehend our daily life and struggles. 

I am capable of doing about 60% of what I would like to do.  Of that 60%, I can perform at about 50-70% of the intensity (depending on the day) that I was able to pre-diagnosis. I'm just tired of waking up, hurting and struggling to go back to sleep.  I'm tired of sitting more than 20 minutes and hurting to get up and stretch back out and moving again.  I am tired of doctor visits, bloodwork and injections ... and fatigue.

I know I have no choice but to continue to push on ... I'm just tired and need a vacation from my RA.  It's ironic that I started this blog hoping to inspire just one person with RA to not give up what they love doing, yet it is I who have been inspired by other bloggers and comments left by followers on my blog.  Thank you.

Donna is doing better now so I snuck out for a short little ride (130 miles) today and boy did it feel good!  We hit a tight, twisty road through some mountains that brought both me and my motorcycle to life.  Nothing will get your blood flowing like coming out of a tight corner and accelerate from 35 mph to 80 in a couple of seconds.  We stopped at an abandoned bridge and shot a couple of pictures, the rest of the ride we were too involved to stop.

Oh, I nearly forgot.  I got to shoot a M-10 rifle last week.  I was afraid the kick might hurt my hands and shoulder but it was much less than the AR I shot a few months ago.  Now granted, I have absolutely no use for a rifle that shoots 30 rounds in 2 seconds ... but I want one! haha