Monday, June 25, 2012

Hacked ... Off

Someone has thought it cute to redirect my outside links to a different page.  I will be getting this repaired soon, I apologize to anyone who was trying to use my links at the right hand side of the page.  I am having a friend of my daughters, who majored in computer science, look at it to see if he can track it back to who did it.  I am considering revising the outside links to regular blog posts anyway.  I will have all of this cleaned up, along with my new name for my blog in a week or so.  I just don't understand why some people see this as amusement, playing with people's blogs and sites, who they don't know or have not done anything to them.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Your Opinion ... Please

I have had a busy couple of weeks but man what a difference the new bed is making for me.  So much, in fact, that I am back to walking 30 minutes every day again and doing a light work out with weights 3 days a week.  Sure... I have to push myself to do it, but the point is "I feel good enough to want to do it again now".  I am having  some extra pain on the bottom of my right foot, but nothing that doesn't feel out of place for RA.  Perhaps an odd description, yet most of you know RA pain from "thats not a good sign" pain. 
Last week, the Goodyear blimp came to town and although I have seen it numerous times ... I still enjoy watching it float around in the sky so quiet and peacefully.   
I have had to eliminate most all trail riding from my rides due to my RA.  Typically, Adventure Riding is the least strenuous riding style that incorporates roads, gravel and dirt as well as asphalt.  An adventure ride varies by definition, it could be a mild 100 mile ride on roads the rider hasn't been on before and for others it could be a month long ride to Alaska, both qualify as an adventure. I am in the process of selecting a new name for my blog, and I would like your opinion. I have a poll set up on the right side of my blog with some names I am kicking around.  Please take time to vote for the one that you thinks sounds best.  Or, let me know if you think you have a better name for me to use. 
KLR with aluminun panniers mounted on the sides.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm A Pain Specialist

Most days I walk around as if nothing is wrong.  I like that for personal reasons, I am not one that likes attention drawn to myself.  However, that also means that when people find out that I am living with rheumatoid arthritis, they assume it is no big deal.  I wish that we could give certain people our pain for just one day so they could experience what we live with.  I hurt every day ... every step I take, my feet hurt.  Over the last eighteen months I have been tracking my steps with a pedometer. Over that time frame I have taken 13,988 average daily steps.  Thats 13,988 times a day that my feet hurt on average.  Then throw in my hips, knees, hand and shoulder pain on top of that.  RA is not for the weak.

Donna has been pushing for me to try an adjustable bed for some time now.  I actually went to a couple of furniture stores and tried some of them out and was shocked.  For me, when I would lift the feet and head up to the right position, it was almost like I could feel the pain disappear from my hips.  So I talked to my rheumatologist about using one and he said that if I was waking up from the pain through the night it is definitely something to look in to.  The down side of them is the cost.  Well ... we finally got a super twin 10 days ago with a Sealy memory foam mattress.  I cannot believe the difference it has made.  I have slept straight through several nights and have not woke up from pain one single night so far.  I am waking in the morning to little or no pain, yes it does come back through the day though.  But starting the day off without pain gives you a huge edge on your new day.

 3 bridges 150 feet apart, abandoned truss, concrete and RR 
 They tore down a beautiful 3 span iron truss bridge to build this
  I like to ride in small gravel, large gravel, deep gravel but my favorite is small, deep, loose gravel! 
  My bike loves these signs, it thinks they are challenging us
  Rode plenty of this stuff yesterday
This is a long time favorite bridge that is being bypassed by a 
new ugly concrete bridge.  It won't be around much longer. 
(btw - the bridge really isn't leaning, the photographer was)

I went out for a 165 mile solo ride yesterday.  Stopped and shot 7 bridges ... 7 Bridges Road just popped into my head as I typed this.  I'm not a big Eagles fan, nor is it my style of music but I really liked that song.  Anyway, the heat nearly did me in, I was supposed to ride again today with some guys but had to bow out.  The odd thing was I never realized I was getting hot.  With the exception of stopping to take photographs, I was moving with air running across me and gave me the illusion of being alright.  Despite drinking plenty of water on the ride, I could not get enough water or get cooled down til late last night.  I know better than this and was quite irritated at myself for letting it happen but I am feeling alright this evening.