Monday, April 23, 2012

The Flare From Hell

I have had an absolutely miserable April, will be glad when it's May!  Ha, like our pain knows the difference.  It started out by working excessive overtime compounded by crawling around on the shop floor for 2 days getting the mower ready for use, a heavy helping of union elections at work (I was the election committee) and the stress of coming up with extra money for income tax owed ... it did me in.  
Then last Saturday evening we had 2 days of severe storms move through and by Sunday night I was hurting all over.  I finally broke down and called in FMLA last Monday.  I have had FMLA for 5 years and that is the first time I have ever used it.  I tried to go to work Tuesday and 5 1/2 hours into my shift was nauseous.  I called in Wednesday and took the rest of the week off.  I hate burning vacation days and not being able to do anything, but this was the worst I have hurt since being diagnosed. I could not raise my left arm above my waist and my left shoulder down to my mid forearm was hurting all of the time in any position.  I could not sleep, the pain would wake me within 30 minutes of falling asleep.  I once again started thinking at least when I die the pain will stop.  Finally Friday I noticed the pain was less everywhere and I had more range of motion with my left arm ... not much, but enough to feel like I was past the worst part.  I continued to do nothing the rest of my week and weekend and now have 75% range of motion on my left arm and little to no pain unless I try to lift my arm straight up.  
I am on my way back to work in a few hours so that will be the real test.  To let you know how bad I have felt, I haven't even started my bike.  When I hurt enough to not even think of riding ... you know it's been bad.
I apologize, I will catch up with everyones blogs this week and plan on riding this weekend.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time Out

I have been away for  a couple of weeks.  Things have been so crazy here but I'm all right.  Over the past 5 weeks I have averaged 56 hours a week at work.  In addition, the local union that I have served as an officer for the past 3 years is having elections and I am on the election committee plus I have been mowing (3 acre yard) for the last 3 weeks.  Throw in a few odds and ends on top of that and I have very little time for anything else.
My RA has been somewhat behaved considering all I have put it through.  My hands and feet have hurt badly the last couple of weeks.  I have noticed that my MTX doesn't seem to be doing that much right now. This has happened before only to have it start working better later.  This makes me wonder if I am really doing this badly right now or, even though there are strict guidelines for manufacturing, did I get some MTX that was made on a Friday or a Monday?  Has anyone else considered this before?
I have managed to make time for a few shorter rides on the KLR over the last 3 weeks.  Nothing picture worthy or exciting, but just getting to ride does me so much for me!  They don't make medicine that makes me feel this good.
I will be hit and miss for the next 2 or 3 weeks before getting back to a semi normal life again.  Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying spring.