Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Official ... SPRING

I put on my riding gear and headed out on the KLR Sunday. I rode into a gas station a bit fast standing up on the footpegs, common for us dirt riders. As I was getting off my bike I looked up and there were two girls, one around 30 and the other I would guess about 22 or so, watching me. The older one smiled and waved at me so I waved back. The look on her face was priceless when I pulled my helmet off and was a gray haired old man. Bwahaha  She made my day though - she was kinda cute.
I was in search of an abandoned railroad bridge, built in 1903, that used to run through the back country not far from where we live now. This bridge is unique, it originally was built for the Midland Valley Railroad then later was converted to a vehicular bridge carrying a county road over the Poteau River.  I found several miles of the old rail bed and later followed the road down to the bridge but it is locked up on private property.  I plan to ride back over in blue jeans and a sweatshirt (our riding gear can be intimidating to some people) and talk to the owners to see if they would allow me to walk down and photograph the bridge. The photo below is from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation 
I took my KTM out for a good hard ride before going to work Wednesday afternoon.  I put in 87 miles with 20 of that being hardcore, nasty single track trail (my favorite-the rougher the better I like it).  My hands and hips paid for it later as I was going to work but it was well worth it.  I hurt for the next three days which has me thinking that it is time to stop trying to ride single track.  I was feeling great before the ride and I keep fooling myself by thinking that I can sneak a ride in here and there when I am feeling good.  Bottom line is that it hurt while I was riding it, I don't enjoy it like I used to because I am trying to avoid any harsh hits or jumps now and I hurt for days afterwards.  I'm through trying to ride trail.  I don't like admitting this, but RA ... you win this battle, but if you think I am giving up riding, you've got another thing coming.
As far as my RA goes, I have been doing pretty good with the exception of a couple of flare ups that I have brought upon myself. One was riding trail while the other was crawling around and laying in the shop floor servicing the mowers. Yes, with the warm winter, mowing season has officially begun ... UGH!  I went in for blood work this week also, I have the best nurse for this that I have ever seen. Most days I don't even feel the needle and she always hits the vein, no fishing for it like some have to do.  A nice little bonus as I'm sure all of you know, especially when you have to have blood drawn every 3 or 4 months.  Hope everyone can get out and enjoy the spring and if you're down my way ... I have an extra lawn mower just waiting to be used.