Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No RA Pain Today

After settling back into my work routine, once we got back home from our mini vacation, it didn't take long to start hurting again. I didn't realize until then ... my RA was on vacation with me. I was worried about my reaction with the heat and sun and my RA meds, but everything was fine. I was so busy enjoying myself, that it didn't really sink in on me that I wasn't hurting while on vacation. That is until my first day back to work. Soon, my feet, right hip, knees and ankles were hurting. So much, in fact, that the very first day back I had to hit the Tylenol Arthritis in my toolbox. I made it a little better the next 2 days of my work week and then had to fight with my mower to get my yard mowed on my first day off. My mower is 11 years old and getting cranky about being used once a week. I am either going to have to do some major work on it this winter, or shoot it.

I met Race and Randall this morning to ride. I unloaded, got my gear on and headed up the road to where they had parked. We all head out together and I did something that I haven't done in a long time. No, I didn't crash, I was stung by a bee. I am highly allergic to bee and wasp stings, and by the time I got my bike stopped, my back pack loosened and jacket unzipped, I had a red place 3" in diameter with a small bloody spot in the center. I wanted so badly to go on and ride, but I also knew better. By the time I rode back to the truck, my chest was hurting. In a freak instance, the bee hit the vents in the front part of my helmet, shot up and hit my nose, then fell down. No problem, it happens from time to time. However, when the bee fell, it dropped in between my jacket and my jersey. Then after a few seconds of being down there decided it was in his best interest to sting me.

By the time I loaded up and drove home, I was slightly nauseous and had a bump raised up where I had been stung. I wasn't sure how being stung would react with my RA and meds, but it does not seem to have had any adverse effects. Donna mixed up a paste and gave me some Benadryl (it's nice to have an RN at home) and it doesn't hurt to bad tonight. The good thing about it is ... my RA pain didn't bother me today. The bee sting pain trumped my RA pain.


Leslie said...

ouch!!!! Some people use bee venom for their RA and also some with MS. There is just no way I could allow bees to sting me. I think the anxiety of it all would be too much lol!

Unknown said...

Oh my, that sounds painful. Maybe the venom will help your RA! :).

Isn't it weird how our RA can mysteriously take vacations with us? Not complaining, but weird and nice.

I hope your work week is good!

Living It, Loving It said...

I am not sure if you should thank the bee or curse at it. :) Well it is dead now, right? (And I wish I had an RN at home too.)

The sun actually is good for RA. I have read research studies that suggest the increase in RA occurrences is not related to better diagnostic measures, but related to Vitamin D deficiency. The lack of stress probably helped too.

Well I am glad to hear you had some good days there. When I have more good than bad days, it gives me hope. So here is hoping you have more good days.

Terry said...

Leslie, I am allergic to bee and wasp stings, so I couldn't go through that type of treatment. lol My chest still was very uncomfortable this morning just with my shirt touching the sting area.

Cathy, if bee venom were the only treatment for RA, I would go without treatments. It was wonderful having a break away from my RA. Thanks.

Terry said...

Lana, I can tell you this much, I didn't thank the bee! I am vitamin D deficient, so the sun does help, but with my MTX, I am to avoid sun exposure. I have spent time in the ER due to this and it is a fine line to walk. Nothing is ever simple for us, is it? lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, I know about bee stings. I'm allergic as well, so I don't blame you a bit for just going on home instead of riding all day. They hurt, they swell, and they can cause some pretty unpleasant and even dangerous reactions to happen. I haven't been stung since my late teens, but that last sting caused hives and my throat to swell. Fortunately, my Mom had benedryl on hand because my sister had always been allergic, and I was okay after taking it. But it's made me VERY wary ever since.

I hope you'll be able to go on your ride this coming weekend, Terry, and that your RA will quiet down to a bearable level. As for the lawn-mower? Shoot it and get a push mower! ;o)

My best to you, as always,

Terry said...

Wren, I am allergic to wasp and bee stings as well as poison ivy and poison oak. Odd that I wound up spending so much of my time in the woods with all of that. I averaged two shots a year for poison ivy while I was racing. I had not been stung since the day before our wedding. My ring finger was so swollen, that Donna had to put my ring on my little finger. lol

As far as the push mower goes ... no way. I have 3 acres to mow and it takes me 4 hours now (mowing, trim mowing and weed eating) with a 20 hp 48" cut lawn tractor!