Friday, August 28, 2009

Work and My RA Pain

I have hurt moderately for the biggest part of this week. I am reluctant to type that after reading about other RAer's condition's and having just lost a really good friend at work last week to a heart attack in her sleep.

My pain is very real and this morning as I limped from the car to the front door, my feet hurt so bad, I dreaded each step as I was about to put weight down on them. My hips have been bothering me a little more than normal and my hands have been more swollen and stiff than usual. All of this comes after working my normal 12 hour shift.

Again, I almost feel guilty talking about the pain because I have read about so many RA patients who have had to go on disability because they can not work any more. I am stuck in the middle, I have had fellow RAer's tell me they wish that they could work again and then, on the other hand, I have actually had healthy people at work tell me, "I wish I had what you do (funny thing about our disease ... we don't look sick to most people), I would quit work and draw disability".

Odd situation, to be stuck in the middle in pain, yet be envied by both sides. I am starting my Orencia injections in two weeks and hope that a switch in medicine will improve my pain and energy level.

On the upside of the week, I get my truck back tomorrow from the body shop. I have missed my truck much more than I thought I would, it is so much easier to get in and out of than the car is. I have been having $6000 worth of hail damage repaired. Yes, $6000. Tennis and baseball sized hail with rotation from a tornado that did not touch down, but beat the living crap out of my truck. The plant that I work at had 228 skylights in the warehouse and 17 plate glass windows in the offices broke out that night. For a few moments, I literally thought those of us at work that night might die. It was one of the scariest storm experiences I have been through so far. We thought the roof was being pulled off of the building and in places it really had been pulled back.


RA Guy said...

I find myself in the same position - I WANT to continue to work as much as possible, but with each new flare I recognize the need to start thinking about applying for disability.

Unknown said...

I can definitely believe the $6000 repairs from hail damage - I lived in Kansas! I am glad you are getting the truck back. Sending you well wishes that some of the pain leaves soon. Does the weather affect how you feel? We have had a week of rain and I can feel it.

Living It, Loving It said...

Good Bless you. I am not sure how you can do with kind of work with RA. Thanks for following my blog.

Terry said...

RA Guy,
As odd as it sounds, I love working. I may have to take a job that is less physical in the future, but I plan on continuing to work.

Call me determined, stubborn or stupid. I've been called all three, along with some others that I'm not going to mention here. LOL

Terry said...

I'm sure you have some good storm stories living in Kansas. One of the guys I used to race with grew up in Kansas and he had some real close calls with storms.

YES!! The weather very much affects how I get along. We had about 8-10 days of off and on rain about two weeks ago. I love the rain and storms, but my RA isn't too crazy about either one of them.

Terry said...

Living It, Loving It,
Most days I do pretty good at work, but I usually have about one night each week that just absolutely kicks my butt. I love my job and working is important to me, but my job is physically demanding. I may have to take an easier job in the future.

Oh and thanks for getting the ADD song stuck in my head the other day when I stopped by your blog! I'll get you back for that one. HA

Kelly Young said...

Liked the post. Great use of photo.

Just to let you know, I posted on working and RA early this a.m. but I did not find your post until now. So, I gone back in and have added a link to your post at the end of mine. :D

Terry said...

Thanks for the link from your blog on work and RA.

BTW, I had a great night at work last night, feel really good this morning.

Angel Porche said...

I have RA and it has halted almost every aspect of my life. Everything has changed and I'm at a total road block. My once super energized, employee of the month, strong, enthusiastic and the one who made everyone laugh self has disappeared. I cry alot, alone. I hide my feelings and try not to complain to my husband and my family. But it feels that I'm so alone in this battle. It's hard to believe that this new me is so different that who I once was. My life is cold and dark with pain that is unreal! I was just put on Embrell and took my first shot on Thursday so I'm praying to see some results soon. God bless each and every one of you facing this horrific disease! My heart cries for you.