Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Photographs From the Edge

We are looked down on in todays society. I actually had a guy say to me once, "oh, that's what is wrong with you". We work hard to maintain an outward normal appearance only to be judged often times as fakers or attention seekers.
I am still struggling to deal with RA stealing my riding away from me. I have thrown myself back into photography as a distraction. While it helps ... it's just not the same as riding. I know the sooner I can accept no longer being able to ride, I can move on. I'm trying.
I have gone back to injections, the infusions just have not worked well for me. Cimzia doesn't hurt like the Humira injections did. Too early to tell if it's going to help much. Honestly after living with this for 14 years now, maybe I'm just cynical, I don't really expect much help or relief any more. I'm not depressed or feeling sorry for myself, I will be surprised if there is much of a difference.
Below are a few photos I have taken over the winter. Hope you enjoy them.




mary said...

Terry, Nice to hear from you. I say, screw the doubter! Their opinion is not worth my time and energy anymore. The funny thing is that now that I am older and my friends are getting just a taste of what I have gone through for 30 years they think they understand ra. Nope, they will never understand ra and the ravages it has reeked on my body and my soul all these years. So be it. I can't be bothered explaining any of it anymore.

So sorry that you have quit riding. Did you sell your bike? The pictures are wonderful. How did you get the shot of the eagle? Strong zoom I am assuming. I still ride my road bike but not as far as I use to and certainly not as fast (not that it was particularly fast before). I am becoming resigned to the fact that there are just things that may not be possible at this point. It is not so much the RA but the damage the ra has done to my joints when it has been active that is the problem. It is ok to be a little depressed. Each time this disease takes something away you have to give yourself time to mourn the loss. Then you regroup and start again. Nice that you have your photography to fall back on.

Stay strong and as I said screw the doubters.

Terry said...

Mary, I've never been too wrapped up in what others think. haha I sold one about 3 years ago, one this past September and have my last bike up for sale right now. I may be wrong but it seems like each thing this disease takes just takes a little bit longer to accept. I'm considering creating a photography portfolio or maybe just turning this blog into that. Wishing you many safe and happy miles this year!

Anonymous said...

Oh Terry, so sorry to hear you are giving up riding.

I enjoyed all your bridges in the the past. You have a great eye.

I sure hope the meds kick in...I know that feeling of disappointment.
They don't work, they work awhile, blah blah.
Sometimes when you get a perfect combo of steroid and other stuff and it's great for a minute; and then you do one thing too much and it's back with a vengeance.

Looking forward to your you how you write.
Take good care my friend.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have had to sell your bikes. When I first was diagnosed with RA the thought of not riding was almost more than I could bear. Then I realized I could get a 3 wheeler. Not the same as a motorcycle but still riding. Your blog has always been an inspiration to me. You have always been positive no matter what. Thank you for your keeping on attitude. It has been inspiring.

Terry said...

Suzanne, thank you so much for the kind words. I'm still a bridge junkie ... just have other subjects now as well. I will do my best to shoot some good photos every once in a while and hope you keep coming back!


Terry said...

Anon, selling the bikes has been hard. I still have one in the shop but I suspect it won't be there too long. I am so glad to hear that I could help inspire someone to keep doing what they love despite having a disease. I know that photos aren't as exciting as riding pics, but hope you will keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne (above) pretty much summed up my feelings about this disease and the meds used to treat it.
The worst for me is the pain in my hands when I try to anything that requires strength or dexterity.
I still shoot the recurve bow weekly in a league, but wonder how long I will be able to keep it up.
I hope that you can stay positive and keep moving.
I look forward to future pictures.

Terry said...

Phil, from one fighter to another ... keep on shooting as long as you can do it! That's what I did with my riding and then I rode some more short rides just to make sure I wasn't giving up too soon. You will know when the time comes, just enjoy every time that you can get outside and do it.

I will stay positive no matter what I'm doing ... that's just me. I have some interesting photo shoots lined up, we will see if I can make anything happen on them.