Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Friends Old and New

I talked with a friend this morning who has been struggling. She was asking about drugs that I have used, Humira is wearing down for her. I told her "I'm sorry you're in pain" before I realized the irony of that statement. Despite taking high priced, high powered drugs, we still hurt, at least I hurt every day. It takes extra pain for me to admit that I "hurt".
I have been where she is before. The drug just doesn't work for you any longer but you keep telling yourself I'm just in a flare right now. Once I get past it I will be fine ... but getting past it never comes. It's scary just thinking about changing meds due to fact that even if you and your doc do pick one that will help you, it often time takes weeks, if not months, to see the full effects of what a new med can do for you. This means that, in most cases you have put off changing meds for 3 or maybe 4 months, then switching and waiting another 3 or 4 months to see if it is going to work for you, you have lost nearly a year of your life. And it's not just the losing time, you are in varying degrees of pain for this time frame as well. I wished her luck and asked her to keep me informed of how she is doing once she switches.
I met a, new to the sport of adventure riding, guy quite by accident a couple of weeks ago. We have spiders and ants and had a company come out to spray the house, shop and yard. The guy freaks out when he gets out of the truck and sees my bike in the driveway. He has the same bike and is new to our area and looking for places to ride. So I took him on an easy 75 mile semi-adventure through the edge of the city, out through farm land and then rode down next to the Arkansas River for a few miles stopping at a lock and dam. Then I took him through an abandoned camp ground that would make a good setting for a slasher type movie if it would have been night time. It is gratifying to see someone new to the sport get so excited over what I take for granted riding. Plus he lives less than 4 miles from me so we will be riding together more this fall.
Spent the day on the lake last week, different view of a bridge.

Plane buzzed us and waved it's wings after Donna waved at it.

This crane was none too happy with me taking his picture,

A little forest road action.

A piece of abandoned highway we rode.


Anonymous said...

Hey Terry
I tried to comment, but must have screwed up.
You described it well and anyone who has researched and then committed to a treatment, taken time out of work, grieved over self assessment and maybe even attained relief, only to find that it is temporary, will understand where you are speaking from.
I am trying two days a week with the weights now instead of three and have gone to my third Tai Chi class so far since starting it back up again.
We just have to deal with this I guess.
Glad to see you got out for a ride.
Take care.
I hope the cooling off of fall gives you some relief.
Phil -Syracuse

Terry said...

Phil, it really takes someone in our shoes to truly understand what it's like. Good to hear you're working out, I wish I was at a place where I could. All I can do right now is walk every day. It's supposed to cool down some starting this evening ... I'm so ready!

mary said...

An expert instructor on 2 fronts. It is always nice to share your hobby with someone who just took it up. It makes it kind of new again. It is a little tougher to give advice to someone with RA. Not so much fun but invaluable to the person you are helping.

Hope your weather breaks for you. Been brutal here all summer including today at 95 degrees. Should be closer to 80 degrees by this time of year.

Terry said...

Thank you Mary for the awesome comment. It was fun watching him enjoy it and be so enthused over a short ride. While I'm no expert, I am glad to talk to anyone about my experiences with meds dealing with RA. Of course just because it works for me or someone else doesn't mean that it will do the same for you.

Weather is trying to break but summer isn't giving up easy! 94 today here with thunderstorms moving in tonight then cooling down to highs in the 80's for he next 10 days. I love fall, my favorite season and am ready for some cooler days.