Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Foiled Again

I had my infusion yesterday. It typically makes me fatigued and sluggish, so I just came home and cleaned up in the shop and got my bike ready to ride. It feels good wanting to ride again ... perhaps that would be more appropriately stated "feeling good enough to ride again".
Ah, so much for good intentions. My infusion hit me like a ton of bricks. I am working nights temporarily so I stay pretty close to my night schedule on my days off. I went to bed at 3 am this morning planning on being up and leaving on my bike by noon. I got up around 11 as planned and did a couple of things I needed to do then sat down on the couch. I was so tired, I told Donna that I was going to lay down for a little bit longer. I woke up at 6:30 this evening. Yep ... I slept 13 hours and I'm still exhausted. Nothing new for any of you living with RA, but it sure can get in the way of having a good time.
I went out to the Blue Moon Observatory in eastern Oklahoma last week for my first attempt at shooting the Milky Way. I found Blue Moon on dark sky finder and it turns out that I have rode by it many times on rides and never knew it was there. Dave Alford owns Blue Moon and doesn't want people coming up to his house just to look around and I don't blame him. Dave was a super nice guy and had many stories to tell as it started getting dark. Once it was dark, we all got serious and I was somewhat pleased with my first attempt. I want to shoot the Perseid meteors this week but the forecast for the peak days are mostly cloudy nights.

Almost showtime as the triangle pops out in the evening sky.

The Milky Way with a meteor crashing in on the top left of photo.

A satellite streaking across.

My favorite shot of the night.

Swung to north to get the Big Dipper and the lights of a far off town burned
 in on a 30 second shot. It was pitch black to look at the horizon.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the infusion. Nice pics of the milky way. Just wow!


Anonymous said...

Stunning pictures (as usual)! Sorry, you are not feeling well.

Terry said...

Dave, thank you. I'm feeling better now, it just kicked my butt this month. Yeah ... that's what we kept saying when we were shooting it that night. Just wow.

Thank you anon, glad you enjoy the photos. I am doing much better now, 2 days later. Hope you will be back.

Anonymous said...

I have been through nearly monthly infusions since 08 with a few gaps and 6 month ones like rituxan. Sometime they can hit you and it can vary from RIGHT NOW to a few days later.

I am still exercising and just started back up at Tai Chi again.
Currently just the 5mg Prednisone and relafen seem to be keeping me working OK.

I went out last night after midnight, but it was too cloudy here to observe much.

The Gov of NY just approved a veterans service credit and I was able to buy 3 years of credit towards my retirement, so I will be eligible in April If I can't handle work any more.

At least it gives me peace of mind that I wont have to deal with disability.
Hope you got to see some shooting stars last night.
Phil Syr

Terry said...

Phil, it usually knocks me down a few hours after I take it. This is the first time it hit me the next day. Thanks for your insight on infusions, I have only been taking them a few months.
I'm jealous that you are exercising, I can only walk and do some dumb bell exercise for now.
Thats great about the service credit! That has to be a load off of your mind about early retirement if you need to now.
I didn't get to shoot the Perseids during peak time this year. We had heavy clouds and storms all 3 nights here. My buddy Greg went out west to shoot them, I hope he got some clear sky to shoot in.

mary said...

The pictures are wonderful! I was in Michigan in June right by a dark sky park but the cloud cover just didn't cooperate. Between clouds some nights and the full moon I didn't have a chance to see much.
Hope your next infusion goes easier. It is nice to hear you talking about riding again. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer.

Terry said...

Thank you Mary! It was amazing how bright everything is when you're truly in dark sky. We live right next to Fort Smith and you can just barely make out the milky way from our place, even though we have very little visible light pollution at night time. It was a wash on the Perseid meteors and I was pretty bummed about that, had thunderstorms and heavy clouds all 3 of the peak nights.
Hope all is going well with you and you're getting in some miles on the bike. Talk to you later.