Sunday, July 10, 2016

Road Trips

I have been feeling better over the past month and on last months visit to my rheumatologist, I go in once a month for an infusion and blood work, discovered what I already knew. My swelling and inflammation is down while my vitamin D level is also down. I am used to my D being down, no big deal.
I got the bike out two weeks ago and rode over west to photograph an old bridge. Very unglamorous ride, all asphalt with little to see but it sure felt good to be back on the bike! I'm not sure which of us was happier, me or my bike.  I did a short ride down by the Arkansas River last week and am going somewhere tomorrow. I'm not up to doing long rides yet but very happy to feel up to being able to ride again.
I met with Greg last Tuesday and we headed out at dark to do some light painting at a waterfall close by. It was our first time and we learned quite a bit. The photos at the bottom are of that.




Anonymous said...

Things have been a bit rough for me too, but I am still working out 3 days a week and that's something for me. Took the bike back and forth to work with no long rides yet.
Good to see you writing again. Hang in there.
Phil - Syr

Terry said...

Phil, hang in there. I have rode a couple of days to work but drive most of the time right now. Working out 3 days a week is awesome! I envy you doing that, maybe soon I will feel good enough to do something again. I'll keep hanging, you do the same buddy!

mary said...

Wow that waterfall photo is fabulous. How do you get the light effect?
I'm just back from the upper peninsula of Michigan. Spent time with friends and went hiking on Isle Royale. Beautiful national park that you can only reach by ferry, canoe or kayak. I am also back on my bike. Had shoulder surgery in Dec and am finally feeling like myself on the bike again. Boy, I sure don't bounce back after an injury like I did when I was younger.

I had a vector test done 2 months ago that showed my ra activity as still moderate so some med changes were made. It is an interesting blood test. My usual blood work showed little activity but I was definitely suffering. This vectors test is specific to ra only and tests a lot more markers. I have to say I was relieved to see the ra activity was indeed up. I was beginning to feel like a baby about the pain. Good to know what I was feeling was validated by blood work.

So glad you are riding and writing again.

Terry said...

Mary, good to hear from you. Thanks, it is a technique called light painting on the waterfall photos. You set your camera on time exposure (most of these photos were shot for 15 to 20 seconds) and you take light (we used regular and LED flashlights and a detached flash unit) to light and paint the water while the shutter was open. As long as you don't stand still, your image will not burn into the photos. We were walking around in front of the camera in all of the photos but the last one.
Glad to hear you back riding again. Truth about us not bouncing back like we did when we were younger! Sounds like you had a great time in Michigan. It's a bitter sweet thing finding out that we really have disease activity going and aren't just whinning isn't it? I have to go back in tomorrow for more blood work, my labs last month show my thyroid was low and he wants a second look before starting treatment for it. I am kind of excited that maybe it IS low and that could be reponsible for some of my foot pain and fatigue.
Hang in there Mary, I always enjoy hearing from you and other followers.