Friday, December 25, 2015

My RA Advice To You

I have lived with RA/RD for 13 years now. I have run the gamut of emotions while putting up with my jackass friend. Determination, hate, sadness, pain, anxiety, stress, etc. It's frustrating (yet another emotion) that in this day of information at our fingertips, most people still think osteo and rheumatoid arthritis are closely linked. The one thing I have not done is give up. At first I was full of energy and commitment to beating this disease. I have tried numerous diets, OTC meds, every witch doctor remedy from do good friends and the internet, workouts (I still walk every day and do a mild dumbell workout on days I am able to), hot showers, cold showers, and so on.


Through it all I only have one simple piece of advice to offer anyone living with this disease. Enjoy every good day you have to the fullest. You may not be able to do what you once did but that's alright. Don't fight the bad days, the important thing is to not give up* and let RA/RD win.
*Giving in on bad days and resting or sleeping is not giving up.

I got the bike out and did a short ride two days before Christmas. It was 69 degrees and I was feeling ... just ok. But I was not going to let a gorgeous winter day keep me inside. Once out, I began to feel better, riding has a way of doing that for me. I did a short ride that took me up into the edge of the Ozark National Forest. Despite all of the rain we have had, the dirt forest roads were pretty dry. On the way back into town, I stopped to visit the old abandoned Colonial Motel.



Anonymous said...

Cool, walk over that place with a metal detector. No telling what you might find!


mary said...

Love looking through abandoned buildings. You never know what kind of things you may run across. Years ago I was hiking with a friend and ran across what looked like the site of an old logging camp. There was some cool stuff laying around on the ground. Really nothing worth anything but still very cool. Left it there for the next hikers who ran across it.

Happy New Year to you and yours. Here's to a healthy, happy year.

Anonymous said...

It is finally white here after a very warm start for winter in Upstate New York.
Happy New Year. I hope this year brings you more up days than down ones.
Hope you escaped most the flooding and crazy weather.
Take care.

Terry said...

Dave, I would bet that has already been done several times because of its location next to a large town.

Mary, I do to. It's like getting a first hand glance of a little bit of history for the area. You said it though, take nothing but pictures and leave it for the next adventurers. Hope your healing up well,

Phil, We still haven't had any snow but man did we get the water last week! The rivers are flooded but we are high and dry where we live.

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your blog and am just checking to see if you are ok?


Terry said...

Hello Suzanne and thank you for checking on me too! I have had a pretty rough winter sickness wise but doing better now. I was going to post this week but got sidetracked and lost time. I will try to post an update next week. I know ... bad blogger! :)

paul said...

those are some pretty neat pics. looks like a place that is lost in time.

do you know about natural ways to treat arthritis and reduce symptoms? I've been using raw ginger and gelatin and have had a reduction in inflammation. my daughter and i have been having much more fun at the park etc. lately.