Monday, November 23, 2015

Life (With RA) Hacks

Life with RA is a roller coaster ride. While I'm not at the top, I'm at least not at the bottom right now, and I'm thankful for that. You look at things differently after living with this stuff for over a decade. While, despite aggressive medical therapy, I hurt everyday. I still work full time, while a lot of people who have their health wish for disability. I know because several have told me they wish that they had what I had so they could get on disability. Ha ... if they only knew how much it hurts. I don't complain and perhaps it doesn't seem bad to them, but trust me ... it's not for the weak.
I still work on and ride my motorcycles most anytime I want, just not the kind if riding I would like to do or the kind of mileage I was doing just three years ago. But ... I'm still riding and that's a good thing.
Part of living with a chronic disease is adjusting your attitude and lifestyle and continuing to do what you enjoy the best you can. Sure, I could be mad at the world but it only makes things worse. At my rheumatologist office I talk with some bitter people but most (many far worse off than I am) have an amazing outlook. Your mind is a powerful weapon in living with this stuff ... use it to your advantage.
Nicole at sent me a great link with tips for making life a little easier. Surprisingly I was already doing several of them.


Nancy Davis said...

When I read this story I realized just how similar it was to my condition.

Years ago, when my children were young, I developed rheumatoid arthritis. I became practically immobile and put on a lot of weight. Every move felt like torture and my knee joints suffered so much strain that I got osteoarthritis in my early forties.

To make things worse, my husband left me for a "friskier" woman. After I got over my rage at my husband leaving, I realized that I had to do something drastic unless I wanted to be a cripple for the rest of my life.

Fortunately, after searching far and wide, I came across some simple natural remedies that made my body feel better than I could remember. My joints loosened up and I had energy like I was running on rocket fuel.

Most of what I did is detailed right here in this article:

Hope it helps anyone reading this!