Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Now Up ... Actemra

I started a new class of treatments for my RA at the first of this month. I am now trying Actemra infusions and I am cautiously optimistic that they may work for me.
It will simply take time to verify that it will or will not work. I always feel best in the fall and have less pain and aches during this time due to the mild temps and mostly dry climate where we live..
I have felt good since taking the first infusion up until this past weekend. Over the weekend I did a ton of yard work and got less rest than I normally do plus we had rain and storms all day Sunday.
I go in next Tuesday for my second infusion. It will be normal strength for the infusions. My first treatment was half strength. For now I'm just hanging on and hoping the Actemra works for a while.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck, hope this one hits. This morning I rode the bike to work and had to put on the over pants since it was so cool outside with the arrival of fall.
I hope you are getting a break from the hot weather.
Hang in there buddy.

mary said...

Good luck with the new medication. Hope this one does the trick. I've been struggling a bit this summer. Looking at a med change next month. I'll be interested in hearing how you do.

Terry said...

Phil and Mary, thank you. I usually hate changing meds but I had to. So far, I am pleased with what I have seen, got my first full treatment this morning.
Hopefully this works soon so I can do some rides this fall!

Phil;, it is still mid to upper 80's here. I'm looking forward to the 70's for a high temp, should be next week.