Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pneumonia In Summer

Perhaps I was looking forward to vacation a bit prematurely. As I posted about vacation, I was feeling a bit under the weather. At one point, I slept 35 hours out of a 40 hour stretch. When I finally got in to see my GP, I had what I was afraid of ... pneumonia. After a big ass shot of rocephin Thursday, a weeks worth of antibiotics and another big ass shot of rocphen Friday, I finally started feeling better. I was actually thankful to be back at work ... man, that's just messed up!

With all of this unnecessary comotion going on, you would think my RA would be content to take a back seat while someone else was driving. OH NO! My jackass friend RA, decided it wanted to share co-honors in the "let's screw T's week up" hijinx. The worst thing it that being on antibiotics, I couldn't take my mtx for at least another week so I had to hang on to the pain train for longer than I wanted.  

I am now, officially ready for vacation ... no more side shows please.


mary said...

Enjoy your vacation. You certainly earned it!