Monday, August 17, 2015

Leaving In Two Days

MTX (chemo), check ... folic acid, check ... Humira injection, check ... Steroids, check ... hydrocodone, check, all of this medicine just to go on vacation and try to maintain my RA to a bearable level. 

I have my bike prepped for Colorado, my gear bag packed with every combination of stuff to wear depending on the weather. It may look like Stevie Wonder picked out my riding ensemble some days but I don't care ... I'M ON VACATION!! I also have my Phantom 2 packed and ready for action. Updated the GPS and added a few routes for up there. I can remember when I use to ride without maps or GPS, would get lost and then find my way back out. Now I'm high tech, riding with a GPS to get me lost then find my way back out. I hope to have some good photos to post after we get back.

My long time friend, riding buddy and ex-racing buddy Randall had a serious crash this past Tuesday. He will be in the hospital for a while. He broke 7 ribs (4 of them twice), his left shoulder blade, punctured a lung and pierced his spleen. I spent part of Saturday with him and he was in and out from the pain meds. He is slowly improving though, it will just be a long road ahead before he is back to work and riding again. Please keep him in your prayers.

I start Actemra when I get back from vacation and am looking forward to it. I usually dread changing meds but I am anxious to see if I can feel any better than what I have endured this year. It may be the progression of the disease and if so ... I will have to accept that but you know me. I'm not giving in til I have no other options.


Wren said...

Oh, Terry, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's awful accident! My positive thoughts and hopes for his speedy recovery are on their way to him, along with comfort and peace of mind for you.

I'm so glad you've recovered from that bout of pneumonia! Though I haven't commented, I've been keeping up with your posts, and I'm delighted that you and Donna are heading out for some fun in beautiful Colorado. My best wishes to you both. And do stay safe, will you? No pain for you!

Finally, here's hoping that Actemra will be the catalyst for a welcome change in your RD over the coming year. You deserve some relief--and a lot more rides, hopefully a lot of them with Randall. Sending a hug your way... :o)

Terry said...

Thank you Wren! Randall is improving (slowly) a little bit each day. I have been in contact with his wife or son every day. They still have him in a hospital 100 miles north of us.

This latest bought with pneumonia flat put me down for a few days ... glad that is behind me now! Thank you for the wishes and you know me, I'm always safe. :)

I am hoping to notice a change (for the better) with the Actmera. Going to a different class of meds so maybe it will work. Hope everything is treating you good these days, talk to you later my friend.

Sherri Husselbaugh said...

Hi Terry,
I haven't read your blog for awhile. I am glad you got to go on a nice vacation. I started Actemra for about 8 months now and it has helped me alot. I almost feel normal. I pray it works for you. my fiance and I went on our trip that we had to cancel year before last. We went to Vegas and got married,Grand Canyon, Tombstone,Sedona AZ, Texas to visit a Air Force buddy of my husbands. Then to New Orleans and Shell Island in FL. It was an awesome trip and would not have been possible without the Actemra. Take care and I will read the rest of your posts that I missed. Glad you came through that Pneumonia!