Thursday, May 7, 2015

May Update

I can't tell you how many times this has happened, I know I'm not the only one this happens to ... I went in Wednesday for my 12 week rheumatologist visit. I felt surprisingly good for working 9 days in a row and after blood work, examination and talking with me told me I was doing very well for how long I have lived with RA plus my age.  When I woke up the next morning, both hands and all fingers were swollen and hurt severely. I went on to work that day but could not close either hand to make a fist. Friday was better, I could close my right hand up ... not the left though. It's just frustrating to go see the doctor on a good day when just before or immediately after flare up.

I guess overall I'm doing okay but having a lot of little problems. I am starting to think of changing meds again and hope for the best. I hate changing meds but I also hate thinking that this is the best I am going to be for the rest of my life. Of course that could be a short time ... I might get hit by a train on my way to work tomorrow. Bwahaha, sorry ... couldn't help it. 

I have had some balance issues while on my bike and it has me sort of gun shy for the time being. I actually dropped my bike at a stop sign in a one horse town late last year and strained and strained trying to pick it up, to no avail. Just as I was about ready to give it up a young guy pulls up (seriously the only vehicle I saw in the town up to now) and he jumps out to help me pick my bike up. As we are both straining he looks at me and says, "damn! this thing's heavy".  I thanked him and pushed it off the side of the street when lo and behold a police car drives by slow looking at me. Had we been slower or he faster, I would have likely been issued a ticket. A fellow ADV rider dropped his bike last year (while in Oklahoma - where I was at the time of this story) and a police car pulls up so he thought he was going to help him pick his bike up. Instead he writes him a failure to maintain control ticket, gets in his car and leaves him with his bike still on its side in the road. True story.  Anyway, I'm not selling my bikes, but you know it's pretty bad if I have only rode 3-4 times all year.


Wren said...

I wonder if adding other DMARDs, like Arava, plaquenil, or sulfasalazine to what you're already taking might help? I'm taking all three of those along with Enbrel (Humira had no effect on my RD). If you add a med, then you don't really have to *change+ meds, right?

I do understand your reluctance to change meds, Terry. I worry about that, too. While I may still have a lot of pain and other symptoms, maybe they're better now than they would be without the meds I'm on or by changing one or more of them. It's a conundrum.

Worth checking into, though. We can't have you reluctant to ride when it gives you so much joy! And you surely don't deserve a ticket from some humorless cop, either.

Whatever you decide, I hope it helps and that your pain and other symptoms ease off soon. Watch out for those twisters and enjoy spring, OK? Hugs to you... :o)

Terry said...

I am wondering about a DMARD myself Wren. I really don't want to take a third med but I will see what doc thinks. Technically, I guess adding a third would be changing meds. Never thought about that until you brought it up.

I am pretty serious about changing in some shape or form. The Humira just isn't getting it done any longer. It was good while it lasted though. I am hopeful that changing meds will also gain me some confidence back to start riding again. Thanks for the hug ... got home from work at 11:30 and sat out on the front porch watching a storm move in. Mostly lightning, thunder and wind but nothing violent.

mary said...

I hate changing meds also. Always afraid the new med will fail and it takes so long to find that out. I'm somewhat in the same situation. Meds seem to be failing but I'm reluctant to try something new. Can't take Arava or mtx due to sever side effects so a new biological is probably in order. Good luck. Hope you feel better soon. Don't ride alone.... Hate to say it but maybe don't ride till you have this worked out. Maybe work on the bike and chart new rides for early summer and fall.

Terry said...

Mary, exactly why I don't like changing too. If the first new med doesn't work you can easily loose the biggest part of a year before feeling better ... maybe. I hope you can get your meds sorted out soon. I have done a short solo ride about a month ago but good advice ... no solo rides til I feel better and get past my balance issue.