Sunday, March 22, 2015

Live, Flare, Reset

I am finally back to feeling like ... at best, a second rate human being (my normal) again. People who don't live with a progressive disease can not understand that statement but I'm happy to be back to this point after my last flare episode. After my last rheumatologist appointment, my blood work came back with abnormal CRP and low vitamin D.  I am now taking a prescription mega D pill once a week. I would like to share a link I found on vitamin D that has some facts that I didn't know, perhaps it could help you as well:

I am FINALLY getting the bike out tomorrow and planning to do a solo 150 mile ride south. I have no particular place to ride to ... just south. Often times these turn into good rides because you don't have any set destination or way point. My bike has been neglected over the winter and both bike and rider are ready to get out on the road (or more importantly back roads). 

I have been adjusting to flying my new DJI Phantom2 Vision and love it. I was excited about my first flight, I eased the control stick forward, and the Phantom2 lifted off of the ground. I eased it up to about 10 feet and let go of the sticks. I watched the GPS adjusting to maintain the exact spot, in spite of the wind, where I let go of the sticks at and then took it up to around 50 feet and then ran it through some basic maneuvers, the controls are very responsive. On the fourth flight, I decided to test out the return to home. If the transmitter link is broken, the Phantom will fly itself home using GPS based on where you "homed" it at before take off. I took a deep breath then flipped the transmitter off with the Phantom2 hovering just a few feet from where I homed it and about 10 feet off of the ground. Next thing I know it climbs to about 75 feet and then surges forward then stops. I'm frantic by now thinking it is going to do a fly away on me ... I have zero control of it at this point. Then it turns left, backs up, hovers a while then starts descending slowly. It came down, at most, a foot away from where it took off. My heart rate slowly returned to normal. Here are a few photos from Natural Dam last week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Terry
Had a rough patch myself and I am always in fear that I won't bounce back and be able to get to work each day.
Still lots of snow and cold temps here in Syracuse NY. The bike is still in the basement for now.
Hang in there. Careful with that drone it could go all Terminator 3 0n you (rise of the machines) :)

Anonymous said...

I too have had a rough winter with RA. I don't ride but it's good to hear you getting out on your bike again. I have been thinking about getting a drone, are they hard to fly?


Terry said...

Hey Phil, good to hear from you buddy! You guys have had it rough up that way. We have some friends that live around the NY/CT line and it looks like it has been brutal this winter. I normally get in a few rides through winter but have only done 2 this winter. It's forecast to be 78 today so I already have my riding gear out in the living room waiting for the temps to come up! lol My drone isn't big enough to do any damage but it's funny you brought this up ... a guy I fly with some and I were talking about that but thinking of the movie Maximum Overdrive!

Hello Jim, I think it's been a rough winter on many of us with RA this year. As far as flying goes, there was a definite learning curve for me. I'm not a gamer so I wasn't use to the 2 hand coordination of working controls simultaneously. Expect to crash a few times learning, it's normal but it won't be long and you will have it. The good part is parts for drones are cheap ... especially compared to motorcycle parts!

mary said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope the trend continues.
Spring is always a tough time for me RA wise. About the end of May I should feel an improvement. Still in pt for the spinal surgery last fall but am hoping I will be able to get my bicycle out soon. Thinking of buying a new bike this year yeah!
Long winter here also. We are still running 20 degrees below normal.

Terry said...

Hey Mary, 20 below normal ... yuck! We hit 90 here today with severe thunderstorms rolling in later tonight. I sure hope your surgery helps you. What bike are you looking at? It has been so long since I rode, I haven't kept up with what is out there now, my last road bike was a criterium framed Cannondale with Shimano 600 group on it. haha, old school, right?