Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Run To Failure

My four days off this week intersected with feeling the best I've felt in a good while and temperatures in the 70's. This allowed me to do a 173 mile solo ride Sunday and boy did it feel good to get back on my bike. I enjoy other things but none compares with climbing on a bike. Monday was spent with my wife at the shooting range and driving around looking for things to photograph (she hates bridges and abandoned places so we looked for something for her) followed by going out to eat and yesterday was spent flying drones. We had a close call with Steve's $900 Phantom2 when it lost satellite signal (for GPS) temporarily. Steve got it back just before it went out of range and had to manually fight the GPS bringing it back in. Steve fought it back and crashed into some tress on approach by design. It was some small trees on the creek back or rocks. One tip of a prop broke but everything else was good. Lesson learned, do NOT put one up with just three satellites.
Oh, I also found the remains of the old Lancaster swinging bridge. I had to do some hiking into the woods to find it, the bridge was washed away and never rebuilt. All that remains today is the south pier. 
I played hard on my days off, was exhausted and in bed by 8-9pm every night. I'm hurting moderately this morning, not a bad thing since I have a rheumatologist appt today. I can't tell you how many times I have been hurting in the past and on the day of my appt, I feel good. I know I will pay for the extra activity later this week but it will be worth it. I'm starting to feel like the old business strategy ... run to failure then take some down time for repairs.
Drone hovering just above the water.
Frog Bayou from 240 feet up. 
The south pier of the old Lancaster swinging bridge.


Wren said...

Sounds like a great few days, Terry, with all that nice weather, then getting to do the things you enjoy most. Your drone photos are terrific! Glad your friend's flyer didn't crash or get away and then crash... man, that would hurt, considering the expense. I never thought before about how they work, so reading about the GPS and satellites made me think of what we thought the future would be like, back when I was a kid. Heh--we're flying camera machines using space machines... whoa. And this cool technology just sorta crept up on us so it seems mundane. Hmmm.

I do understand how being in pain on the day of a rheumatologist appointment is a "good thing." Isn't it a shame that even after all this time, we still doubt our own bodies and perceptions, and worry that this is all in our heads? Dang.

Sending you a warm hug, and hoping that your weather will remain nice for a good long while. Be well, Terry!

Terry said...

Wren, the nice weather has sure made me that much more ready for spring! We were down on one side of a mountain with a good sized hill on the other side of us. Steve said he only had 3 satellites locked on when he sent it up, they suggest not sending one up with less than either 5 or 6. The video was really choppy and we noticed it making choppy moves while flying but did not expect what happened next. haha Yes, I didn't know anything about them last summer ... now I have three of them.

You are so right about it being a shame. Thanks for the hug!

mary said...

So jealous of 70 degree days. We are in the deep freeze for the next week with wind chills below 0. It is great when you have a few perfect days. Renews the soul.

Terry said...

Mary, it was great... short lived but great! Yesterday it was 72, today the high was 37 and we have freezing rain, sleet and snow moving in right now. Hope you get some relief soon from all of the mess you have had up your way. Spring will be here soon, just not soon enough.

Jessie said...

hahah I lived in MO and now Live in CA and I don't miss those cold snowy days. I enjoy these nice days of warmth

Terry said...

Jessie, I understand about not missing the cold, snowy days! However, I could not give up the mountains and woods that I get to play in around here without any hassle. Enjoy the sun for me too!