Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This Week Is My Kind Of Winter

After a rough start to 2015, I am feeling better. I have been reluctant to talk about my RA the last couple of posts because I get tired of feeling like I'm whining about it. The cold/wet weather has made it very hard on my RA. Compound that with smashing the crap out of my hand two days before New Years Day.  My hands hurt everyday from RA but this was a different, you can see how swollen it was (my hands not really that fat). Long story short, some three weeks later it is still tender if bumped (pretty sure one of the top bones in my right hand was cracked) but the swelling is back down and the puncture wound is finally scabbed over.  I have had elevated pain in my hips and shoulders while my hips have had a tremendous amount of stiffness. They are some better, then again we have had mid 60's temps for a week now. 

I got out on the bike Monday and hunted down an abandoned bridge to shoot. It was, supposedly, once a through truss but only the piers and some main beams remain. There is a grist mill stone inserted in one of the east piers making it very unique. Went back Tuesday with the drone to shoot it and another bridge. While hovering in front of the grist mill stone saw a nest of something inside. Then about 130 ft up, three hawks came to check the drone out, we suspect thinking they had an easy lunch. All of the turbulence around the drone scared them off but they kept an eye on the drone from a distance.
Abandoned West Fork Cedar Creek bridge.
Grist Mill Stone in one of the piers.
Some main beams still on top of the piers.
Drone pic
You can see some type of nest inside the stone.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sucky on this end and the hips & knees are giving me fits.
Those bridge shots are cool I have never seen a big stone like that used in a bridge.
Careful with that drone, sounds like one wrong move could have you learning how to be a drone repair mechanic.
Cheers bud.
Glad you got the bike out, mine is in the basement getting cleaned, adjusted, new rubber, and maybe a couple farkles.
Ice that hand, I fell on my palm last spring ant it is still tender sometimes.

Wren said...

Wow, Terry! What totally cool shots you got with your drone! Now I'm beginning to understand all the excitement about them--they're more than a way to spy on or annoy people. I'm really looking forward to more of your photos as spring arrives and the weather starts warming up.

And OW your hand! How did you do that? Did you see a doc about it?

Glad you're feeling better now, though, and that the RA is easing up a bit with the warmer temperatures. Honestly, you should come live in northern California. There's a cool old railroad bridge a couple of miles from where I grew up, in Fair Oaks, and of course, the weather is mild, warm, or hot practically year 'round.

Be well,Terry. Sending a hug. ;o)

Terry said...

Phil, I have been doing good since the weather has dried up and warmed up. Going to take the bike down south on an all day excursion Tuesday if weather is good. Have two old bridges and an abandoned water treatment plant that I have been wanting to shoot for a while.
Haha, I have already got some experience as a drone mechanic. The good news is parts are pretty cheap. There is definitely a learning curve to flying them.
Get that bike ready buddy ... spring will be here before you know it.

Terry said...

Wren, thank you. I understand that some people will use them for bad things but there are so many good things and helpful applications for them. I just read where the FAA is suing a storm chaser $10,000 for flying over tornado damage and filming it. Yet, if you are flying over the same thing in a helicopter or airplane filming it, it is somehow no big deal.
My hand is ok, it was bruised and swollen for a while. I did not see a doctor but I've had enough broken bones that I knew it wasn't broken. I think the bone in the top of your hand that runs to the ring finger probably has a crack in it but there's nothing they could do.
We have had a wonderful run of mid 60's days and I feel so much better. I would love to to head out that way some time. Problem is I would have to take a couple of months to see what I want to.

mary said...

That looks like one angry wound there my friend. Hope it has settled down.

Is the drone loud when it flies like model planes or is it like a humming?

Terry said...

Mary, It has been over a month and the scab is nearing time to come off, swelling is gone but if you bump it just right it still hurts. I think I've just turned into a big whimp! lol

The 2 small ones I have are quiet. The larger one is a bit more noisy and the Phantom2 is loud when its hovering about head high. I will post a short video clip next post.