Monday, January 5, 2015

(No) Fear Of Flying

Well. it's been too cold to ride but I have found something to pass the time away til it warms back up ... I now have two drones. Steve picked up his new $900 Phantom 2 drone today and brought it over. So we did what guys do best ... pulled it out of the box and slapped it together as quickly as we could not bothering to read the instructions. It has built in GPS, a compass. wifi extender and the transmitter has a clamp for your cell phone. You download an app and your cell phone controls, through wifi, the camera. You can literally watch on the phone where you are flying from the drones perspective. It has real time readouts on altitude, wind speed and direction, and you can aim the camera all from your cell phone. Oh, I almost forgot the best part ... it's huge but it's fast! If I ever get to where I can no longer ride, I can see getting into this much deeper than I already am.
On the night flight we did, we noticed, on video playback, about halfway down our street a truck stopped and sat for several minutes, we assume watching the bright lights going back and forth then hover over our house. The truck then proceeded toward our end of the street but slowed way down when approaching our house. We thought of Randy Quaid in Independence Day saying "I picked a hell of a day to quit drinkin'." lol
Phantom 2 with transmitter 
View from 190 feet over our house
Sunset from 200 feet up.


mary said...

So Cool!! Hope you are feeling well my friend.

Wren said...

What fun, Terry! This technology is amazing, but where are the flying cars they promised us? And I'm still waiting to say "Beam me down, Scotty..."

Stay warm and stay well, k?

Terry said...

Mary, it's been a lot of fun learning how to fly it. I will take it out to some bridges this spring. I'm doing ok for now, that's about as much as we can hope for. Hope you are getting along good.

Wren, we have seen so much technology in our lifetime ... but no flying cars. lol We have a cold front moving in today. Bitter cold for the next few days and Saturday night through Tuesday snow/sleet/freezing rain. Spring can not get here quick enough for me!