Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November, Just Go Away

It has been a rough November for me. From a 10 day long severe flare up due to intense cold weather, losing a former co-worker to problems from getting a crown (I can't help it ... I hate going to the dentist) put on. I am ready for November to be gone! The cold weather we had really has me dreading this winter now. 

I only managed two rides for the entire month but made the most of them. I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. May you be surrounded with good friends and family.


Wren said...

Hi, Terry,
So sorry you've been feeling so rough--and that the cold weather makes your RA so much worse. I hope you're feeling better now.
I was wondering... given how frequently you suffer hard flares, is it time to add or change meds to bring your RD under better control?
I love your photos. That old bridge, with all the winter grass growing up between the planks, is gorgeous. I hope you'll get to take another ride soon.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, friend.

cathy kramer said...

Terry, so sorry you've had so much going on. Maybe some time for the holidays will be helpful. Fingers crossed you get some downtime.

Terry said...

Wren, I'm feeling much better. The cold front which was here almost 2 weeks, moved out last weekend. I talked with doc about changing meds, most of my flares are just a day or two, but I'm not ready to yet. This was brought on by the cold weather (30-40 degrees colder than average temps) si I don't know. Good thing about this is I go back to him Monday so we will revisit the idea about meds.

Thanks, I love old bridges and this is a favorite of mine. I meant to post a pic (I will try to get it up in the next day or so) of the overgrown road bed and the tree covering half of the lane of the bridge. I like the grass growing on the deck also.

Terry said...

Hello Cathy, it's been hectic but really with the flare ... I just stayed in bed or on the couch except for work days. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with the family, it's always a good time. Thank you and I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

mary said...

Hope December brings you better weather and a few more rides and a few less flares.
I've been out of work for the last 2 months since spinal surgery. Hope to return after the holidays. I was in a flare for about a month before surgery but that seems to be settling down. Maybe having the surgery gave my immune system something else to worry about.
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Been a rough couple of weeks for me too. I did manage to see quite a few friends and family over the past few days and we had a wonderful time.
Three deer so far and I think I'm done since I flared up after dragging the last one out of the woods.
I had a great month after the Rituxan, but since I flared after, my Rheumy thinks it may not be working so I started Plaquenil. We shall see.
Hang in there.

Lana said...

I have been dealing with awful flares left and right too. It is pretty tiring, isn't it. Well, I am praying December will be kinder. Hang in there, my friend. Pretend spring is close. :-)

Terry said...

Mary. I hope you're doing well after the surgery. I guess it's too early to tell if it is helping. I hope you are able to go back to work after the holidays. I was out for 7 weeks several years ago (motorcycle racing) and I never thought I would, but I was so ready to get back to work. Take care of yourself.

Hey Phil, hard to beat good friends and family. Sounds like you are having a great fall ... 3 deer already? The freezer will be full now! You haven't been on the Rituxan that long have you? I would be questioning why my rheumatologist wanted to change meds so quickly. I'm sure he knows what he's doing, but man ... that was quick seems to me. Regardless good luck with the Plaquenil!

Lana!! It's so good to hear from you, sorry you have been fighting it too. It gets old quick and the worst thing for me ... winter hasn't even started yet. This last cold front we had blow in and stay for a couple of weeks really has me dreading winter now.

Anonymous said...

Let me rephrase that so it's not so confusing.
Mtx was too harsh and Arava was awesome, but my liver couldn't take it. The Rituxan is a once every 6 months deal, but it was not good news that I flared so soon and if flare again I may have to try something different next go around. The plaquenil was added to see if it might help. Still feel like shit though, but we only have a week or so before finals and shut down so I can play catch up for the spring semester.

Terry said...

Phil, ok I didn't understand that. I thought they were yanking you off of Rituxan already. That sucks about the MTX and Arava being too harsh on you. Hang in there, we will be back to riding before you know it!