Tuesday, September 16, 2014

RA Strikes Back

We had a cold front blow in cooler temps and thunderstorms last Friday. I have been in agony ever since, affecting my hands, fingers, wrists and elbows. My jackass friend RA has laughed at the Tylenol Arthritis and Aleve that I have taken in hopes of settling him down a notch or two. And if that weren't enough he has been playing hide and seek with me. You know ... you go to bed with one hand hurting worse and when you wake up ... TADA!  The other hand is now taking center stage in the rheumatic S&M freak show! 

Then, on top of the pain, fatigue has just hammered me! I have slept a little over 24 hours over the past 2 nights. On average, I will get 22-23 hours for 3 normal nights sleep. I am hoping that I'm nearing the end of this unruly flare up but we have more storms and temperature changes scheduled to roll in Thursday through Saturday of this week. Holy cow, I don't have time for this stuff ... I have a life to live!

I had a nice ride planned for today. I was supposed to ride down south 120 miles to hunt and photograph an abandoned iron truss bridge sitting by itself in a field. That will have to wait til next week now. I do have new stuff coming for my bike preparing for my upcoming week off in October.

The photos below are of my cousin/18 year old road racer. Awesome kid!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Take That RA!

Wow ... so much has happened since my last post. I didn't intentionally ignore my blog, it just sorta happened!  I have had a rough year with my RA. After going gluten free some 4 weeks ago I have noticed a pretty dramatic change. While my pain has only reduced slightly, I have so much more energy and actually feel like doing things now. I had a rheumatologist appt last week and he was equally excited about it. We were going to switch meds but after seeing that I was doing better decided against it, as did I.

I have felt the best I've felt in a year right now and I'm taking full advantage of it. I have been riding several times plus finishing up with a few more things on my bike. I have a set of Oxford Heated Grips and a Touratech Headlight Guard laying on my work bench. Also a lower dash kit and 12 volt plug are next up to be ordered with an Alumiracks rear rack. 

I woke up at the crack of 8 this morning to cool temps for this time of year in Oklahoma. It was 68 as I fired my bike up and pointed northeast. I met up with Greg on the way out of town and we rode out to the Ozark National Forest. We stopped at Oark for breakfast and then rode further into the forest only to discover the swinging bridge over the Mulberry River had been destroyed. I loved walking it and hope it will be rebuilt. We rode some more good dirt before popping back out to asphalt and the ride back home. Rode 195 miles today and I feel great ... take that RA!

Abandoned church house we found last week.
Abandoned church house we found last week.
Resting the bikes on the Mulberry River bridge.

What is left of the swinging bridge at Oark.
Greg strapping on his helmet after breakfast at Oark.