Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shingles Part Two

Six years ago I started this blog on living with RA as well as some ride reports. It was going to be worth it if I could inspire just one person to continue to do what they enjoy despite living with a chronic disease. In an unexpected twist it is I who has been inspired and touched by so many I have talked with and who have left comments and sent emails. I also recently turned over 100,000 visits to my blog ... a milestone I never expected to see since I don't promote or push my blog. Thank you to all of my followers and guests.

I have been enjoying the benefits of feeling better since my last post. Three weeks ago I started my second attempt at going gluten free and am doing much better with it this time around. While I can honestly say that my pain level has only been reduced slightly (any relief is good) I am amazed at how much more energy I have now. While my fatigue has not been completely erased, it is wonderful to feel like doing things again! In addition to having more energy, I have lost nine pounds in eighteen days. I wished everyone could experience how much better I feel. I am now questioning whether I should go on with the switch in meds or stay with the Humira a little longer. 

On the down side ... shingles again. This is my second bout with them and they are quite painful. Not to mention I have them on my left eyebrow so I have to go see an opthalmologist to make sure they do not spread into me eye. Impatiently waiting on these miserable things to be gone!

I got the Lexx exhaust installed on my bike and after a few rides am really liking it. It has a deep thump, not annoying loud like my 09 with the FMF Powercore was. I ordered the Trail Saver Quiet Core that Lexx offers and it does quiten it down about 4-5 more dbs. I took it back out for now because the stock exhaust with the spark arrestor insert is perfect for my taste.

I have not been on any rides with the exception of riding to work. I do have several good rides planned and if I continue to feel good this fall, I want to do a Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico loop I found. Several old bridges and lots of windmills (old style) on the route. Also have a ride down to the Oklahoma/Texas border shooting some old bridges laid out. Now if my RA will just cooperate for a little while.
Black Kettle National Grassland in Oklahoma


Anonymous said...

The bike looks great and you should feel good as you really did inspire me to get back on two wheels again in spite of the R.A.
Sorry to hear about the setback. Good luck with diet, really hope the energy levels keep getting better.

Terry said...

Thanks Phil, I'm happy for you getting back to riding. Just watch out for those crazy cars! The shingles are painful but I know they will be gone shortly so they're just a temporary inconvenience. I'm pretty excited about my new found energy for now.

mary said...

So good to hear about your mini remission like period. Hope it lasts a good long time. Shame about the shingles but, as you say, this too will pass.

I'm riding a bit this summer. Not so far and not so fast but boy it is just nice to be out there. I'm thinking my Screw you RA fall ride will have to wait until I have the back surgery this fall. There is always next year. We have had a very mild summer and that has been nice. Very few 90 degree days.

Enjoy your rides and your ride planning. Planning is half the fun!

Terry said...

Hey Mary, I hope it's not a passing fluke that is coinciding with going gluten free! lol You know how paranoid we can get when we start feeling good. Actually, I got into my doctor this morning and he said it was spider bite. My left eyelid was swollen and itching, hurt to touch and a I had a low grade headache like the previous time with shingles so I assumed from the looks and the feel that that was what I had again. I had 2 spots so apparently they were fighting over me eyelid. haha

I know what you mean about getting out and taking it easy but still feeling good. I did a solo ride 2 weeks ago and rode a stretch of abandoned highway that has been bypassed. Slow but fun still the same. I wouldn't push it for now ... after the surgery there will be plenty of time to feel good and hammer out some miles. Take care my friend, talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

Hi, good idea with the gluten free diet, it's worth a try. With regard to shingles, I recommend researching l-lysine supplement. It also helps build collagen, which is critical for RA. See for more info. Peace

Ron said...

I think many of us face hardships and we must learn that there are ways to strive even with badly infected diseases, may we continue to strive with what we have and do great things in life