Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Silver Bridge Ride

It was going to be a hot day so we decided to start early to help beat the heat. It was a balmy 80 degrees at 6:45 a.m. but it was partially overcast. I rode out some 40 miles and met Tony at Silver Bridge in Mulberry, Arkansas. It is a beautiful three span through truss bridge that was built in 1912. It was full on hot by the time we met at 8:00 a.m..  We took photos and walked around, across and under the bridge before heading out. 
Just up the road about a mile sat an abandoned house on top of a clearing that overlooked a valley and several mountains in the background. It struck me as such a beautiful place (I love photographing old abandoned places) that I turned around and went back to shoot the old home place. 
First panarama pic I've ever shot. Silver Bridge
Silver Bridge over the Mulberry River.
Abandoned house I turned around and went back to shoot.
Tried to get Tony to cross here but he didn't trust my judgement.
The old Boy Scout camp.
The appropriately named Long Bridge.
Inside the Oark Cafe.
Breakfast ... and no, I couldn't eat all of it!
What my knee sees.
Shores Lake Bridge. Closed for business...
... for a hole in the bridge.
It felt 10 degrees (maybe more) cooler when we rode into this.
My KLR parked road side while I shot some pictures.
We next headed for an old swimming hole/party spot. I was riding with someone who grew up here so I was getting the inside on places that I never would have seen. The water was too high and rolling fast to cross here today but we found plenty more to do. Next we stopped at the old Boy Scout Camp down on the river. By now we were hungry so we rode over to Oark and ate breakfast. As we were leaving we ran into two riders from KC and talked with them a good while. I've said it before but I'll say it again, I love riding, no doubt, but I also really enjoy meeting and talking with people out on rides. I truly believe 95% of the people out there are good people away from jobs, stress and money problems. We headed to Shores Lake next but 1 mile from the lake, the bridge was closed. No problem, we rode over the rocks at one end but they were too close to the guard rail on the far end for my 650. Tony squeezed through and we parted ways leaving me to take the long way back home.
Pulled back in to the house with 203 miles but it was seriously hot out there by this time. My RA griped and grumbled all evening and night but I feel better this morning. I finally have decided which exhaust I am going with and the company has gone bankrupt. Supposedly it has been bought but I can't get in touch with anyone that can tell me if I can still get a X3 exhaust or not. Just my luck.


Sassy Remley said...

love your photos, the old abandoned house is gorgous. I also enjoy shooting old abandoned houses and farms, there are a whole bunch of them over in Central/Eastern Oregon. I have a few on my facebook and google acct.

mary said...

Love, love, love the pictures and the cafe is sweet. Looks like a wonderful trip.

Went to send you a couple pictures from Oregon last night but my email was rejected. Suffice it to say it would be a wonderful place for you to ride.

Sassy Remley said...

Yes, I agree with Mary, you ought to come to Oregon, we have some beautiful places to ride here, and some gorgeous paces to photograph.

Terry said...

Thanks Sassy, I have had a lot of comments and likes on the old house on FB as well. There is an old abandoned church that I want to shoot in the next 2 to 3 weeks. It is a bit of a ride so I will have to catch my RA on a good day. There is also an abandoned theme park a half days ride from where I live that I would love to get access to shoot. My main thing though is iron truss bridges.

btw, I would love to ride through Oregon and see what I could find to shoot.

Hello Mary! The Oark Cafe is a cool little place that is a main stop of all different kinds of bikers. It doesn't matter what you ride, every one is getting along enjoying the food and atmosphere. A couple of miles east is a swinging bridge that we stop at several times a year to walk across.

Sassy Remley said...

There is no shortage of things to shoot around here Terry, the biggest debate would be what to shoot first LOL.
If you want to check out some of my photography look me up on facebook. im Sassie Frass on there.