Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Well. it happened. It had been over 5 years years since I hit the ground while riding. It was also my first REAL ride with my brand new motorcycle, which only suffered 1 small scratch mark on the engine guard on the right side. I had pulled to an intersection with a slight incline that dumped to an easy off camber turn. After checking traffic and starting to pull into the intersection, the engine bonked on me leaving me trying to turn while going uphill without any power. So I did the only thing you could do in a situation like this ... I fell over. I put a good sized knot on the back of my right hand but other than that ... I was fine. With my damaged ego collected and back underway, I rode another 180 miles that day without incident. 

My last crash before this one was a high speed offroad crash on my KTM525 back in 09. Randall and I were riding some technical but ultra fast single track in the Ouchita National Forest. We had been riding a fast pace for the tight trails that were still extremely slick due to the recent rains. Randall and I had both had a couple of near misses, but kept the pace up. Just as I top a hill in 4th gear and start down the other side, my front end washed out so damn fast I was about 6 inches off of the ground before I realized I was crashing. It had been a good 8 years, maybe longer since I had crashed that hard. I took all of the impact on my head and left shoulder. It didn't knock me out but I was dazed. I remember fighting to breathe, had the breath knocked out of me, and thinking that I broke my left collar bone again. This was the first really nasty crash I had since being diagnosed with RA and just in case anyone has wondered, it did not trigger any additional pain (at least not from RA anyway) or even a minor flare up. I was surprised to say the least. 

None of that this time with my zero speed crash. However, two weeks later and I still have a good sized knot on the back of my hand on the bone that runs to the index finger. Oh well, small price to pay for having big fun! 

BTW, due to my RA and being too painful to squat or get down on my hands and knees to work on my bikes, ta-dah ... my newest toy for my shop.

I hope everyone is outside this spring enjoying the weather and overly abundant pollen!


Anonymous said...

I've had a zero speed crash before, incredibly embarrassing. Nice lift and shop!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that bud. I test drove the 09 KLR today and since I had not ridden in quite a few years, it took a few minutes to feel comfortable, but I really liked it. Pretty peppy for a small single, and only 1900 on the odometer. This had been lowered and all 5'10 of me was firmly flat footed. I only ran it up to 55, but liked the light weight and nimble handling compared to a heavy road bike. Now to dicker on a price. I know that my knees may not always work well and that flares may prevent me from much riding, but if I never try I will never know what it feels like to be in the wind again. If he comes down a bit I may be a bike owner again.
Hope you heal soon.

Wren said...

Sorry about the tip-over, Terry, but glad you weren't hurt any worse. It sounds like you had a blast anyway, and that's what counts. And no RA consequences either!

Smart gadget, that lift. And wow, what a neat, everything-in-its-place shop you keep! You could give Mr Wren lessons! ;o)

Best wishes, as usual, friend.

Terry said...

Thanks Dan. You're right about it being embarrassing ... especially when riding with a group. If it's by yourself, you pick the bike up and go on ... like nothing ever happened. Not in a group, oh no, they have to relive the moment. lol

Hey Phil, good to hear! I think you will like the KLR if it works out. 1900 miles is just barely broke in. My new 2014 has over 1500 on it. I have a friend that has a KLR lowered and while I can sit on it flat footed, I prefer the original height ... actually with the suspension work on mine it sits a hair taller than stock. I can't get out and ride every chance I want but it doesn't keep me from enjoying it on my good days. I hope it works out for you.

Wren, it was no big deal but I tell the dumb stuff I do along with the good stuff. We had a good ride through the Ozark National Forest and rode next to the Mulberry River for quite a ways. The recent rains had the river rolling and there were several canoes and kayaks out on it. The lift has already been making a difference. My dad was a diesel mechanic and any time you worked on anything, you wiped the tools clean and put them back where they belonged. As much as it drove me nuts when I was a kid, I have turned into my dad!

mary said...

Oh, been there done that on my bike. Stopping and forgetting to unclip. Looks kind of like the guy on the tricycle on Laugh In. Of course there are always people around to see it. Glad you are OK and went on to have a great ride.

Terry said...

Hello Mary, oddly enough I've never done THIS on a bicycle before. Don't get me wrong, I have over indulged on stupid stuff on my bicycle ... just not this. It's hilarious you bring the Laugh In bit up, that's exactly what I was thinking about afterwards. lol Thanks and I hope you are not on too much pain waiting on the surgery.

Lana said...

Now you will spend more time in the shop so you can ride more. Enjoy this beautiful weather. You are doing great for an old guy with RA. ;-) Of course, I am teasing. Sometimes, I remind myself how blessed we are to take medications that allow us to keep enjoying our lives. Honestly, no complaints for me. Like you, I am doing well. Take care, my friend. Keep riding.

Terry said...

Hello Lana, working on bikes is almost as much fun as riding them. The lift will definitely make it easier on me! Old guy, huh? ... I guess I have earned that remark. I still hurt every day but I'm still going, thats the main thing. Hope you have been having some nice spring weather.

Steve Cole said...

I want one of those lifts!

Terry said...

Steve, I can't believe how many times I have already had my bike up on the lift. It is going to make MY life in the shop much easier. The only question I have is why did it take me this long to buy one!