Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Day Of Relaxation (Not My Idea)

Sunday we were up over 90° followed by strong storms Monday which were pushed through by cold air. It was 49° this morning and in the morning it is supposed to get down to 42°. This has thrown me into a moderate flare up which has me walking with great pain and difficulty both yesterday and today. Not one to get discouraged easily, I just adjusted my plans from riding yesterday to catching up on some older movies I had been wanting to watch. I watched Maximum Overdrive, Scary Movie 3 and a couple of James Bond flicks. Not exactly your intellectual, Emmy award winning movies but I enjoyed them nonetheless.

I have a couple of parts coming for my new bike. I'm building it kind of like Johnny Cash ... one piece at a time only I'm not getting my parts for free, like in his song. I have decided to go with soft bags on this bike and have sold my racks and small boxes that were on my 09. I had some cheap soft bags thrown back that I bought for my KTM but they didn't work out with that bike. I will use these bags until I can buy the Wolfman Expedtion Dry Saddlebags.

I'm on vacation next week and I have a three-day ride planned. I'm riding over to the middle part of Arkansas to shoot an old suspension bridge. Then I'm riding north up into the Mark Twain Forest in Missouri. We'll see what I can get into up that way. I use to race at a place called Chadwick not too far from where I will be. Hopefully I'll have some good new pictures for you on my next post. Oh, and I have to do the ferry ride across Bull Shoals Lake again.


Wren said...

Sounds like a fun ride coming up, Terry. I'm sorry you're fighting a mean weather-related flare, though. That's quite a temperature drop!

We've got some super-heated weather here, too. It hit 98 down in Sacramento, and 94 here, in the valley foothills. Tomorrow we're bracing for 100 or more. It's just waaaay too early in the season for temps this high. I hope they're not predictive of more like them to come...

I hope your bad flare eases up soon. And that you'll enjoy every one of your upcoming days off work. Hugs... ;o)

Anonymous said...

We have a solid wall of rain here today and I can really feel it like a gravity storm forcing me back down on the couch. Yesterday was hot, humid, and windy and I changed the oil in the 09 KLR, put plates on and drove it home after work. Lowered 2" and min preload on the rear meant a too soft ride, but I have the original dog bones and will figure out the suspension after I get comfortable riding again. Overall it was a gas to be on a bike again after all these years.
Have a great time on your trip.
Phil - Syr

Terry said...

Wren, I'm feeling better. As you know, feeling better does not mean the same as doing great. I'm prepping my bike tomorrow then we leave Monday morning. I'm anxious to see how my RA treats me on this trip.

98-100 is way too hot this early! It's supposed to be hot and dry again this summer here in Oklahoma .. at least according to the Weather Channel. I hope they're wrong!

Phil, the humidity and moisture kills me the longer I live with this stuff. Congratulations on the KLR, I think you will like it. It takes about 4-5 minutes to change dog bones out. Riding is just something you can't describe to someone who doesn't ride. Glad you're back on two wheels buddy.

mary said...

Maximum overdrive, great movie! I haven't seen that in years. Have a good trip.
Weather here is still crazy, hot one day, fall weather the next. Third epidural shot in the spine is working and I'm headed to Oregon high desert to try a little hiking in June. Surgery postponed till fall.
Safe trip to you.

Terry said...

Mary, I hadn't either and it showed up on Netflix. We joke about it at work because we have so many robots in work areas now. If it ever happens, like in the movie, I just hope I'm not at work. lol I'm getting ready to head out in an hour. The bikes all prepped and packed, everything ready to roll ... including me. Hiking in Oregon with RA , you're an animal! Keep it up.