Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is It Just ME?

I have closed another chapter in my life. I sold my KTM525 due to the fact that I simply cannot take the beating of hardcore single track riding any longer (thank you RA). I hated doing it and had prolonged selling the bike til I had come to terms with it and was ready to.  I also sold my KLR650 the very next day to someone that I work with. You might be asking yourself, but why? He is consumed with riding ... what will he do?
I'm glad you asked. The same day I sold my KLR, I went out and bought a 2014 KLR650 and have been fitting it with goodies over the past two weeks. I know ... it doesn't make much sense but no one has ever accused me of being a smart guy! And I bought a new washer and dryer that we desperately needed with part of the bike money. That made Donna happy.
When momma's happy ...
I have been having tremendous hand pain over the past two weeks. Just curious if anyone else with RA has been having the same or if it's just me.


cathy kramer said...

Sounds like a good plan. I was a little sad thinking about you without a motorcycle , but glad you found a new one.

Anonymous said...

Hope you got the new gen one with a better seat. The better springs sound like an improvement too. Cool beans Terry, glad Donna is a happy camper.
My knee keeps blowing up with water this spring, but my hands are fine. I have had three colds in a row so spring can start any time, but winter still lingers a bit here. My buddy brought in his wife's 2009 KLR and I am planning on giving it a test drive as soon as I stop hacking and the knee bends enough. Happy for ya bud.

Wren said...

Wow, Terry! I can just imagine what it took for you to sell those motorcycles--they were like family to you. But I'm delighted that you bought yourself a new one--one that you can ride today just as well as you did years ago and love just a much. And it was so sweet of you to get Donna that fancy washer and dryer.

My hands have been miserable the last two weeks, too. Global warming? ;o)

Have a great time fitting out the new ride, Terry. I hope your hands are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Been reading and enjoying your blog for quite some time. Hope your new bike brings you hours of pleasure!You are a great inspriation.

mary said...

Out with the old in with the new! As I read your blog I started to get really sad thinking you had to give up riding. I'm so glad you bought a new baby.

My hands have been OK. Still recovering from thumb surgery last fall but the doc said it will take about a year. I have to have back surgery so that's slowing me down a bit. Trying to hold out till fall so I can do some riding and enjoy the summer. This getting older is not for the faint of heart.

Enjoy that new ride. So great!!

mary said...

Thought of you and your wife while watching the news last night. Be careful and safe during this weather pattern.

Terry said...

Hello Cathy, My daughter told me once, "as long as you're riding I know you're alright. I don't ever want you to sell your bikes". I am having fun with the new one. I like to work on them too.

Phil, I got the first edition 2014 but pulled the springs off of my 09 and installed them on the new one as well as my Seat Concepts seat. One of my riding buddies just bought the mid year 2014 and you can tell a noticeable difference in it and the early edition suspension and seat. Take care of that knee but ride that thing as quick as you can! lol

Terry said...

Hey Wren, so good to hear from you! I am knee deep in setting my new bike up. I like working on them and as my RA is progressing, I almost can not get down in the floor any longer. So ... I bought a motorcycle lift that will raise my bike up to working level. More than one way to skin a cat (not that I've ever skinned a cat - just an old saying). My hands were doing some better then yesterday we had three big storm fronts move through. :(

Hello Suzanne, nice to meet you. Thanks for following my blog and the awesome words! Hope to see you more around here.

Terry said...

Hello Mary, I posted on facebook that I had sold both of my bikes and my daughter sent me a message about 5 minutes later sort of semi freaking out. It's good to be able to scare your kids for a change! lol
You've had it rough the last couple of years, I hope all goes well with your back surgery and this will be it for a while. You're absolutely correct about getting older.

BTW, thank you for thinking of us last night. We are fine, lucky for us the bad stuff bypassed us. We still had some furious thunderstorms pass though with some hail.

Sassy said...

Terry, all I can say is Wow!
I also have RA, and also grew up on Motorcycles. Both of my parents use to ride BMW750's, and my Mom started the first Motorcycle Safety training center here in the state of Oregon. Ive had many adventures growing up on the back of bikes, and although I hated it as a kid, I now miss it so much.
However I have kept one thing alive from my passenger days, and that is my love of Photography. that is what keeps me going and keeps me active.

I look forward to reading about your travels throughout the summer.

Ride Safe


Terry said...

Sassy, it's great to have you as a new follower! Also awesome that you grew up on motorcycles, the RA part kinda sucks though. I was looking really serious at a BMW F800GS just before I bought my new KLR. If I was healthy, I would have done it but I just couldn't justify spending $14,000 on a bike that I'm not always able to ride when I want to. I picked up this 2014 for $5000, thats a big difference! Thats so cool that both of your parents were involved with bikes.

I actually worked at a photography shop while going to college and even got one photo published years ago. My wife loves photography as well and our daughter has her own photography business. I am struggling a bit with RA at the moment but still hope to get in some good rides this summer and fall.