Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Rite Of Passage To Spring

As my RA continues to play Jekyll and Hyde due to the quick changing weather patterns of spring (and winter reluctantly dragging it's feet while leaving), I am up and down in terms of coping. We are scheduled to get our first real bout of severe storms for the year tonight and Thursday. Living in Oklahoma, severe storms are an official rite of passage into spring.

I was honored to be contacted by and informed that they are readers of my blog. After talking with them through email and by phone, I will be doing some guest posts on their site. I feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk ... things are going to start happening to me now! 

In addition to servicing my mowers for spring and building a desk for my daughters photography business, I now have an online flexography class through work and will have a timed 90 minute test over all 24 weeks of classes. I'm too old for this stuff! In my pre RA days, I would have let this worry me ... not anymore. I suppose this is one positive change that living with RA has brought about in me. I just don't get too worried or stressed over things now.

I had the pleasure of riding with a new rider yesterday. It was refreshing watching his expressions and excitement talking about the ride and seeing how well he is doing for only riding a few times. He bought his bike at the end of January and has just a few rides under his belt but is a fast learner and completely dedicated to becoming an above average rider. I took him up Poteau Mountain with the descent on the back side being absolutely brutal. He did good. Once off of the mountain we rode further into the forest and discovered they have been clear cutting again. It was nauseating to witness acre after acre of destruction to our forest. I continued to drag Tony over three more mountains and took him to two abandoned iron truss bridges while logging 157 miles. He is well on his way to becoming a good rider ... and totally consumed by it. 

I felt good when I finished my 157 miles yesterday afternoon at around 4:30. I was feeling my RA but not bad and still flexible (for an old man with RA anyway) and comfortable moving around. Three hours later I could barely move and was walking like Tim Conway as the old man on The Carol Burnett Show. I was stiff, slightly swollen and hurt bad. Today, however I feel pretty good. I added this because I don't want people thinking I have a mild case of RA and thats why I ride. I hurt every damn day, I'm just not going to sit back and refuse to enjoy life because it may cause me to hurt a little bit more. 
My daughter and grand dawg.
Desk space I am building for my daughter, will finish it next week.
A view from my office window Tuesday morning.
Black Fork Creek in Eastern Oklahoma.
Fizzel Branch
My new camp stove. Nothing like dried eggs in a foil pouch!


Anonymous said...

Well I had to lookup up flexography on google just to understand what you were referring to and I used to work in a print shop doing halftones and burning foil plateds for Davidson's. I can't function as well mentally as I used to either. Yes this winter has been extreamly long and we are still ice fishing here. My body has been on the R.A. roller coaster ride also so I know a bit how you feel. Good to hear you got out.

Phil - Syracuse

mary said...

Congratulations on the writing gig. That's great!
Always fun to introduce someone to your passion and have them "get it".
I think spring is about here on the east coast... At least I hope spring is almost here. I have been on the bike a few times. I am going to have to work on getting my legs back. So out of shape but so glad to be out on the bike again.

Terry said...

Phil, I worked in the art room for a couple of years at another print shop. I have burned a few plates from negatives on the vacuum table! Hope you've been catching some fish this winter.

Hello Mary, it absolutely is ... and Tony gets it! Good to hear you've been out a little bit. My legs use to hate climbing back on the bicycle after taking a few weeks off even though I used a cycle trainer in the off months. Just not the same. Enjoy your spring.