Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Multiple Personalities

Our weather continues to have multiple personalities so far this year. That in turn is relayed to my RA having multiple personalities this year.  That once again is transferred into me having multiple personalities so far this year. Life will be much better when it warms up and stays warm. It gets old feeling pretty good one day only to wake up to frigid temps, snow and sleet the next day and barely be able to get out of bed and walk to the living room. 

I was able to get out and ride yesterday with Greg and Randall. I rode 174 miles but I'm paying dearly for it today. We rode out to Oark and I stopped at the old Herrods Creek abandoned bridge just off of AR215. My grandad had a sawmill close to the old bridge back in the 1940's. My dad and uncles worked at the sawmill and hauled RR ties all over the area. I wished that dad had some old photos of the mill here. Last year I drove him and mom over through here and I guess it brought back memories. I knew grandad had 2 different sawmills but never knew one of them was where I have been riding since I was 19 years old.
KLR all cleaned up and ready to go.
Herrods Creek bridge ... my grandad had a sawmill just a few feet from here.
Abandoned bridge in front with replacement bridge sitting above and behind it.
Oark Cafe, cool little place with great food.


Wren said...

So sorry the weather has been causing you such misery, Terry. At least you're having some, though. Out here on the Left Coast, the weather hasn't changed since November. Except now it's getting warmer. (80 forecast for tomorrow). I wish I could send it out your way, and that you could send some of that nasty rain/snow out here. ;)

Great photos, beautiful bridge. And it's cool that you're discovering more of your family history, too!

I hope the Dragon crawls into his cave and leaves you alone soon, T. Sending a hug your way.

mary said...

Spring will be here soon...right? It will be here soon I'm sure. We have more snow forecast for Tue. Very schizophrenic here, 65 yesterday, 40 today, high in the 30s tommorow. I think when we get through this week the weather will finally break. Hope the same is true out your way.

Have been out riding 3 times this year. I'm starting slow and have a lot of work to do to get my legs back. It's OK, I am just glad to get out. Found out Friday I need major surgery on my lower back/spine but I think I am going to wait until fall to have it done. Just can't face 12 to 16 weeks recovering in the summer. Sounds more like a winter activity to me.

Terry said...

Hello Wren, so good to hear from you! I would gladly trade you your left coast weather. lol It looks like it is going to be a slow warm up into spring this year but at least we are (at least should be) done with ice and snow here. It was pretty cool standing there imagining granddad, my dad and uncles working there just a few hundred feet from where I was. Thanks for the hug, feeling better this week.

Mary, I hope it will. Same here, it was 72 yesterday, today it is 45! I remember how the legs felt climbing back on my bicycle once it was warm enough. Concrete legs! I agree on the surgery, I am thinking the same thing. Going to look into a hip replacement this year, not sure I will do it but it will be later in the year if I do. take it easy on your legs til you get them loosened back up!