Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger.  I didn't intend to neglect my blog over the past month but between the horrid winter weather, actually slipping one ride in over the past 4 weeks and coming down sick again, it happened. Oh, and spilling coke on my keyboard, then having to run in to town between ice storms to get a new one. I will do better in the future. 

The media continues to mislead people about Rheumatoid Disease. It's really no surprise that there’s a disturbing lack of knowledge about RD/RA. However, until the media finds a shred of decency and responsibility and drug companies start relaying truth in advertising, RA patients will continue to be seen as the boy who cried wolf. Recently a respected major publication described RA as an inflammatory disease that affects small joints in the hands and feet. If you watch tv, according to the commercials, all we have to do is take a shot and then we can go run on the beach with our family. What a crock!  I truly wish the people in charge of the current media view of RD/RA could experience, just for 1 day ... just 24 hours, what we have to live with every single day.  

I did manage to work in a nice 165 mile ride during our two nice 70 degree days in February.  There was still some ice and snow scattered where we rode through but it felt so good to be outside for a change.  We got into some twisty mountainous asphalt roads just before going off road.  I have no problem riding asphalt but didn't take into consideration the ice and snow that had been there less than a week earlier.  The ice and snow was gone ... the sand that they use for such conditions was not!  We both made it through the first sandy turn without crashing.  Thats all I'm going to say.  We rode more cautiously til we found some dirt.  Once on dirt we dialed the speed back up but my worn tires were once again no match for the mud and deep gravel the county used on the dirt road.  I ordered new tires as soon as I got back home.  If it ever warms back up, I am going to have to spend a day in the shop working on my bike for spring rides.
Water over the spillway again!
Stop for a quick bite to eat. 
Heidenau K60 rear tire
New shoes!  K60 and Dunlop 606 front
Still shot from helmet cam at 60 mph
Low water bridge 
Clean clear water that rivals Colorado.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures, next ride take more! The K60 is a good tire.


Terry said...

Chuck, I usually do take more photos but it felt so good to be riding I kinda just got caught up in riding. WE're going to ride close to this same loop again soon and stop and take pictures of the train tunnel at Winslow.

Anonymous said...

I had serious water on the knee and I could barely walk this time.
Some how people I talk to say things like "why don't you get that fixed" and in between Ice, Orencia, and prednisone, even my rheumy isn't sure why my flare was so intense this time.
The worst for me was sitting in the infusion room getting my treatment while an infomercial was on the TV for some cactus juice that would cure all inflammation and fix me if I only had hope and some extra cash.
I can not stand any commercials for DMARDS or any miracle cures.
The superhero RA Guy said it best when he described the rollercoaster ride of RA.
My two wheel dream is still out there, but I may change it up to a 4 wheeler and trailer if I have to.
When I tell someone that I have RA I often get the same blank stares I see when teaching night school and my students are getting lost.
Maybe we could blame it on peoples short attention spans along with unawareness.
Well that's my rambling for now, lets hope spring comes soon. All my best Terry.
Phil - Syr

mary said...

Nice to see you back Terry. The commercials infuriate me. You know someone actually said to me " Hey, I hear they can cure RA now". My head almost popped off.

We are waiting for spring here. Looking forward to this weekend because it will be 55 Saturday. Of course Sunday it will be back in the 30's but I'll take what I can get.

Terry said...

That sucks Phil! And painful too, yes it is a rollercoaster for sure. Never give up your dreams, I may have to, one day, settle on a atv but for now I'm doing what I can. Have been invited to ride Alaska with a long time riding buddy but am coming to terms with the fact that I just can't do it right now. I was going to fly up and meet him at Fairbanks and rent a bike but last time I flew, 2 years ago, It bothered me and I'm not doing as well now as I was then. Spring is close and I'm ready. Take care of that knee.

Hey Mary, good to know they have a cure for RA now isn't it. lol It was cold yesterday but will be in the 70's today and tomorrow. I want to ride tomorrow but I'm trying to be good and get completely over this sick crud this time before getting back out. We have normally had at least one severe storm by now ... only storms we've had so far this year have been ice and snow. But last week while it was sleeting/freezing rain we did have a lot of thunder with it. Can't ever recall hearing thunder at 22 degrees outside.

Stephen Trevathan said...

Hey Terry, I really like the helmet cam shot taken at 60 MPH! It's been a while since I have visited your blog, but I am glad to see that it seems like things are going well. It certainly has been a rough winter for much of the country, and I'm impressed that you still managed to get in a decent ride.

Terry said...

Hey Stephan, good to hear from you. Thanks, things aren't bad considering all of the ups and downs from the weather this winter. It just worked out that we had some seventy degree days on my days off, usually I'm not that lucky.