Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is my mother in laws favorite holiday.  She always has a huge feast at her house every year.  There have been as many as 80 people at her house for Thanksgiving.   We love spending the day with family now as much as my mother in law does.

Back in 91, I was still racing motorcycles at that time, a couple of guys and I headed out at 6 am to do a quick ride before a cold front moved in to our area.  The temperature was mid 60's and we hit the woods not long after day break.  We rode a couple of hours and noticed it was turning cold around 9 am, the cold front wasn't supposed to hit until mid afternoon.  We decided to start heading back to the truck since we all needed to be home before noon anyway.  By the time we got back to the truck and loaded up, the temperature had dropped down into the 30's and it was raining with a little sleet.  By the time we made it back out to asphalt, it was all sleet and we still had mountains to drive through with an hour of interstate to get back home.  Even though the temperature had been warm, there was so much ice falling that the roads started to ice over. That was the longest drive home!  We made it home safely but I was so cold and the bikes were a frozen mess in the back of the truck.  I remember walking into Thanksgiving diner and the house smelled so good and it felt so warm.  Best of all, my daughter came running up to me and gave me a big hug.  I have not been riding on Thanksgiving morning since that year.  It's just for family now.

WIshing all of you a warm and Happy Thanksgiving this year.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

RA Bites ... But I Bite Back

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post and I have to admit my RA has been mildly flared up.  It has not prevented me from riding a couple of days but it has also had me down on the couch a couple of days also.  I don't believe it was the three day ride, although I'll admit it did kick it off but shortly after returning from that ride it started raining and continued to rain for 5 days.  Then the last day of the rain, a cold front blew in, chasing the rain out, and we had temps ranging from 34 to 80 degrees last week. I notice my RA becoming more active by this drastic range of temperature than if it gets cold and stays cold for a week.  

I talked with Kelly at this week and she told me that she had quoted me in her last speech and from what I hear, she continued, what I said made a difference to some docs.  She said, I quoted you where you said, "my doc looked shocked that I am in pain every day".  Kelly went on to say, I think that really opens their eyes because the docs "think" they can tell how we are by just looking at us.  Although we try hard to keep up life as much as possible, the meds don't leave most of us feeling back to "normal".  Kelly is an awesome person who puts in a ton of hard work with RA Warrior and the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation.

I ran into town this evening for a couple of things, I am putting a screen door on the upstairs bedroom down that leads out to the balcony, you never get everything you need the first trip.  I stopped by Target to pick up some Tylenol Arthritis for my tool box at work and I have to say ... Target sucks!  Not only do they NOT have Tylenol Arthritis, I picked up their generic brand anyway, they have it stocked on the very bottom of the shelf!   Come on Target!  I am doing quiet well compared to a lot of RA patients and it was a struggle/hurt me to bend down to get a box.  At least WalMart and Walgreens keep their Tylenol Arthritis on the top shelf.  

I didn't really feel up to riding Friday and told Greg that I wasn't going when he called me.  Then I walked outside and couldn't believe how beautiful the day was outside.  I went on to the shop and the more I thought about it ... yep.  I called him back and told him I was going.  He said we could shorten what we going to ride up and we agreed on an alternate route and met at 1pm.  On the way to meet up with Greg, I realized it was the right call, I was feeling better already.  Besides I hate to waste a 70 degree day in November.  Nice day to be riding in the hills of Arkansas taking in the fall colors.  We came up on one tree that was backlit with the sun and it looked like the tree was on fire. Amazing, too bad the picture doesn't do it justice to what it really looked like.  Ran across an interesting place for sale ... you get a magnificent view on top of the mountain PLUS a steer skull and he'd probably throw in the stop sign to boot. Had been reading diner reports and and were planning on stopping at a cafe that has great food reviews.  By the time we got there we were both starving, we skipped eating anything and it was now 3 in the afternoon.  They close at 2:30 ... and to make matters worse the special for the day was meatloaf, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, okra, roll and tea or coffee for $7.00.  You can't eat at McDonalds for less than that!  We will be back but we'll be on time next time we pass through.  I rolled back into the shop at dark, nice little ride.
Fall in the Ozarks.
Photo doesn't do this justice, tree looked like it was on fire approaching it.
For Sale
The hills of Arkansas