Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Semi-Mundane Monday

I was contacted by Stephen Trevathan a while back about some info on RA.  Anyway, I checked it out and it seems to be legit so I decided to pass it on.  In my opinion, the info won't really surprise any of us living with RA but would be good info for newly diagnosed patients or family members.  Here is part of his email to me and the link if you are interested: "Last year, I helped to put together an infographic on rheumatoid arthritis, and I figured it would be something that you might want to share with others."

While I am feeling better, now out of my flare, I continue to drop things daily.  I just dropped my 1/2" torque wrench on my right foot ... wouldn't have been so bad but I had my house shoes on working in the shop. I might as well had a sheet of paper wrapped around my foot ... the protection factor would have been about the same.  After hopping up and down on one foot, swearing and throwing things at the cat (pretty sure she was laughing at me), I am nursing a bruised top of my right foot.  I have a week of vacation scheduled for the week of October 21st and Greg and Randall are on board to ride up into Missouri with me. That will be a 2, possibly a 3 day ride depending on what we run across while on the ride.

I got up and left the house on my KLR at 7:30 Monday morning.  I was meeting Greg at 8:30 and we were riding 90 miles NE to eat breakfast at a small cafe in the Ozark National Forest.  As I left the driveway and turned north, I noticed a small thunderhead in the sky.  Not giving it much thought, I proceeded on and over the next hour witnessed our sunny morning turning darker and darker.  I stopped at 8:15 and checked the radar on my cell phone and sure enough ... rain was moving in.  I called Greg and he was stopped getting gas so we decided to eat breakfast locally and see what the weather did.  It's funny how in small towns where we stop to eat, no one pays any attention to us walking in and sitting down.  Walk into a larger town cafe with riding pants and knee pads, riding boots and jackets and everyone stops and stares ... you would have thought we had guns the way everyone was watching us!  I kept watching radar while we were eating and the rain was staying just north of our position so I talked Greg into running a shorter loop and rechecking the weather on the way.  We stopped at a dry creek, which normally has 2-3 feet of water in it, and rode the creek bed for a little bit.  I actually intended to just run up a short way and turn around to come back but noticed that Greg had followed me down the creek bed on his 1200GS with street tires!  Alright Greg ... so we rode a bit more of the creek, turned around and rode back out to the road.  Once back on the road I noticed it was getting darker again and cooler.  We rode into an abandoned truck stop and you could see and smell the rain, now about a quarter of a mile from us.  We talked about riding it out under the truck stop awning but Greg needed to get back to meet some contractors on his house so, not knowing how long we might be caught there, we headed back towards town.  On the way back passing through a small town I looked down at my speedo ... oh crap!  I was running 63 in a 40 mph zone, so I threw the binders on and slowed down just in time to ride around a corner and meet a state trooper sitting just off of interstate on the side of the road that we were riding.  Not a bad day, we scared some people, had a crummy breakfast, beat a speeding ticket and still rode 153 miles while staying dry for the most part.


Anonymous said...

Always good to hear you are still riding.

Wren said...

I don't know about you, Terry, but I always feel so silly when things just sort of ... I dunno... flip, slip, drop or leap right out of my hand to land on the floor. Tonight it was a nice, sharp paring knife. It missed my foot, but only because I jumped backwards. I'm always wary of myself... (grin). Anyhoo, glad your foot didn't suffer more than a bruise.
And wow, that was quite a ride, considering that little thunderhead and the rain it kept threatening you with. Sounds like you had a great time--and lucky, too. That cop had a fresh ticket just waiting for you.
Enjoy your upcoming three-day ride. Here's hoping the RA stays quiet for you. Hugs...

Terry said...

Phil, I hope all is going well with you as we head into fall. The day I quit riding is the day RA beats me. Some days its not easy to climb on the bike but its my therapy. Once under way, I forget everything and unplug from life for a few hours.

Wren, I get frustrated with myself for dropping things. Glad the knife missed your foot! My foot is a bit bruised (heavy wrench to drop from chest high) but iy will survive this round. It was kinda fun staying just ahead of the rain with my cell phone and radar. In the old days we would have just rode right into it. Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. : )

Lana said...

It does sound like you had a good day. I hope the RA isn’t beating you up too much. I looked the information – sound very informative although I am sure they are aiming to promote their clinical trials. I get so many requests for sharing information that I have gotten to the point where I have thrown my hands up in the air. Mostly, I try to answer specific questions by readers of my blog but there are times where I have not been able to. I never thought I would get to busy to answer questions but part of is that I have my hands full with my duties and projects. I never thought RA would change me for the better but it has and I am sure you can relate to that statement. I am hopeful that you will get some more riding days in before the winter weather sets in and hopefully your foot is doing better.

Terry said...

Lana, good to hear from you. Yeah, thats why I wasn't sure about posting it but I do think it might help some newly diagnosed though. I usually don't post anything like this but always answer followers email that I get. You're doing way more than I am and I have trouble just keeping up with my stuff. I don't know how you do everything and not shoot someone in the process. haha I would agree with you, in some ways I think RA has made me a little bit better person. Thanks, my foot has a knot on top with a pretty good bruise on it ... I'll live.

mary said...

Looks like it was a nice ride. It's always nice to beat the rain home.
My screw ra ride is this weekend, really hoping to ride. I guess I'll know when I hop on the bike at 5:30 Saturday morning and head to the start. It never takes long to know if the hands, elbows and legs are going to cooperate. Like you, my summer has been less than stellar. Very uneven health wise with a lot of pain. I have done a 35 and a couple of 30 mile rides in the last few weeks. I’m hoping that’s enough to get me through the 75. This may be my last shot because of some neuro problems I have so I really want to do it. Then again, I have started to look into recumbent and trikes so who knows…..
Here’s wishing you lovely fall weather and good riding.

Terry said...

Hey Mary, good luck on your ride this weekend! I always wanted to try a recumbent, they look comfortable but I have a hard time stooping down now so it might not be an option for me. Hope you feel up to getting out and doing the ride.

Stephen Trevathan said...

Hey Terry, I just wanted to say thank you for mentioning my infographic in this post! I have spent a good bit of time doing research and I am glad you liked what we were able to put together.

BTW I have been trying to come up with a new idea for an infographic that would be more useful to people who have been living with RA for a longer period of time. Was thinking about doing one that detailed various methods people have used to treat their symptoms, would include relative benefits and drawbacks for each and I think could work well as a visual representation.

What do you think?

Terry said...

You're welcome Stephen. Sorry it took so long, I have been running behind on my blog.

Sounds like it could have possibilities. Most of us who have lived with RA several years are familiar with most everything out there. Not everything, but the more popular methods anyway.

Stephen Trevathan said...

No worries there Terry, I was just incredibly happy to get the mention in the first place. I think I am going to work on that idea a little more-- but I really appreciate the feedback. In any case, it would probably be a couple months before I can work on that next one-- gonna be moving across the country next month and it's all I can do not to fall too far behind with everything.

Hope your enjoying the holidays!