Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Devastating Week

It has been a very bad week to live in Oklahoma.  I have witnessed, chased, photographed storms for a few years, we had a tornado pass directly over our house (in the air fortunately) some 8 years ago but what I have witnessed Sunday and Monday has left me mixed with shock, nausea, sympathy, and guilt. Right now I'm simply numb.  I just can't look at any more photos or videos of the storm.  While we were well out of the way of Sunday's storms at Shawnee, some 135 miles to our west, we were in the thick of things Monday night after the deadly storm at Moore.  I just saw where in Moore, Oklahoma .... 30 churches have banned together as their internal FEMA because they've been through it before. Sad to say but if you wait on the government you may never get any relief.

I haven't been riding with the exception of just riding to work on days that we aren't having storms come in.  My wife had surgery on her shoulder 2 weeks ago and on my days off I have been taking her to PT and the doctors office, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, helping change her bandages and even putting her hair in a pony tail. The hair in a pony tail gig was pretty hard for me and she was getting frustrated with me that I wasn't getting it.  Oh well, I try anyway.  Not only do I not do ponytails, I think she forgets that I have RA sometimes and expects my hands and fingers to function normally. Hopefully in a couple of more weeks I can get back out and do some riding.  My bikes are feeling neglected.

I have a couple of photos of the storm as it was moving in on us Monday night.  The bottom image is from video that I shot of a funnel that dropped down but never went to the ground 3 miles south of us. It had just grazed a small town 13 miles southwest of us.
Low level thunderstorm over our house Monday
Sunset at 8:20 with storms - shot from our front porch. 
Storm bearing down on us that had just dropped 2 tornadoes earlier.


Anonymous said...

I'm relieved to hear that you are your family are ok. It tears my heart out to think about what people are going through. Hope the crazy weather isn't beating you up too badly. With practice you'll get that pony tail down to an art. :)

mary said...

My heart breaks for Oklahoma and the families of the lost especially the children. Just devastating. Glad that you were out of harm’s way. I dealt with FEMA after hurricane Sandy. Long, paper heavy process that moves at a snail’s pace. NJ home owners are yet to have any money distributed.

May the remainder of the storm season be a quiet one for your state.

Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

The storm victims have been in prayers for days. Having lived through Hurricane Hugo in SC years ago I remember all to well. I hope your wife starts to recover quickly and yes, often our family members can forget we have ra. And heh it could be worse...she could be asking you to French braid her hair :-)

Cathy said...

Wow! Scary stuff Terry.

I had to smile thinking of you putting your wife's hair in a ponytail. That can be tough on the fingers and wrists. While she may have been frustrated with you, those are the little touches of love that mean so much.

Terry said...

RFG, my heart sank when I saw the tornado had hit two elementary schools. Any loss of life is terrible but I am thankful that there weren't more fatalities. Overall I am doing pretty good. I am already getting better at doing a pony tail. The first day when she was so frustrated with me over it, I was standing behind her wondering if I could stretch the holder over her head and around her neck! haha, just kidding.

Mary, I just couldn't watch any more after about 30 minutes of it. Monday night we did have rotation just south of our house but it didn't drop anything on us. I think I would rather have a root canal than deal with the government on anything! Hope you and other home owners see something soon.

Deb, thank you for all of your prayers. We have experienced one hurricane some 12 years ago. The french braid comment made me laugh ... at first. Who knows, I am doing much better with a pony tail now.

Cathy, what we had Monday night wasn't bad, although it looked like it could get that way for a little while. I like the sunset that was shot from our front porch with the storm clouds right on top of us.