Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Warm Hands

I recently rode through the Ozark National Forest and stopped on Mill Creek.  It was a very familiar place, there it sat quietly ... a huge oak tree that Mike and I have camped under in days gone by.  Looking at it I can't help but wonder who is enjoying the beauty of this tree and the creek these days.  One thing is for sure though, as beautiful as the area is, someone is still camping under the huge tree.   I didn't think to take a picture but the next time I pass through, I will stop and get one.  The tree is old and if it could talk, I know it would have some stories to tell.  This is where Mike set my arm on fire once, though he claims accidentally.  Editors note: never use premix gas to start a camp fire.

We have had cold weather again that has my RA mildly flared so I didn't ride this week on my days off.  I hate even thinking about switching meds.  I feel so much better on the warm days when we have them right now, I'm sure that once it warms up for good I will be alright. 

I got my grip heaters on my bike.  The kit was simple, straight forward but I am not sure about the gel grips I installed. I will have to ride with them a while before I make a decision to keep or replace them.  They feel very spongy, which should be easier on my hands but they feel huge compared to normal grips.  The heat will help my hands on cool days, they don't get super hot but definitely warm.  If I would have known 20 years ago, while I was still racing, that today I would be riding a bike with aux lights, windshield and heated grips ... I would have kicked my ass.  Times change, I never saw RA coming either.
Grips and grip heaters
Simple and straight forward but my name and idiot proof don't belong together.
Dash with heated grips switch.
Gel grips safety wired on... not sure about them yet.


Kim said...

I have found that the larger grips or in my case gloves with padding significantly reduce the wrist pain (carpal tunnel) when riding. You'll just have to see. As far as being a wimp. Hey - you're riding an adventure bike with RA.

Terry said...

Kim, hope your getting some rides in by now. I rode to work 3 days this week and I am starting to appreciate the grips now. I think that they are going to be "keepers" after all. Did you see where Elena Myers and Melissa Paris became the first two women to ever finish in the top 10 of the Daytona 200. Good job girls!

Michael Garrett said...

How are you doing? I admire your perseverance... what medications do you take for your RA?

Terry said...

Michael, glad you dropped in and hope you will come back. I'm doing better now that we have some more stable warm temperatures. Not pain free by any means, but much better. This past winter was very hard on my RA. I currently take 5 Methotrexate once a week and give myself a Humira (biologic) injection once every two weeks.