Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stupid RA

I did a real ride yesterday and I am paying for it today.  Actually I feel quite good with the exception of my right hand.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a solid 12 today!  Stupid RA.  I have had highs and lows over the past week directly correlating with the up and down temperatures of springtime in Oklahoma.  

I rode 240 miles Monday, shooting 5 iron bridges, speeds up to 86 mph on asphalt, 67mph on dirt, not a scratch ... not even a bobble. Got home, took my riding boots and socks off, turned around and caught my big toe on the edge of a chair leg.  Bent the nail back and split it the length of the toe nail as it started to bleed.  I'm actually safer on a bike than I am walking through my house.

We rode some good stuff and it was nice seeing trees budding out and grass starting to green up.  We rode over some of the cleanest, clearest water I have seen since being in Colorado.  I shot 3 open bridges and 2 abandoned bridges.  My favorite was the old Illinois River bridge, it was completely shut off to the public. We had just rode 93 miles to shoot the bridge today so we rode on in past the no trespassing signs. After 25 minutes of taking pictures, walking on and around it we rode back out to be greeted by a trooper blocking the road with his lights flashing. I thought we were busted but it turned out the trooper had the road blocked with his lights on for someone else ... whew!
I love seeing these old water towers in small towns. 
It didn't say land mine so we went on in.
After 6 hours of riding on a Power Bar and bottled water, we were ready for some real food so we rode on into Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  I was first to choose a place to eat so we decided Lucky's Cafe would be the dinning experience today.  When we pulled into the parking lot, the sign said open but there wasn't a single car in the lot.  This can't be a good sign so Greg chose next.  He decided we would just do a quick lunch at Taco Bell but found a nice looking BUSY mexican restaurant by the name of El Molcajete.  I didn't expect much, we have several mexican places similar to this at home. It turned out to be awesome. I wish they would open one where I live!
If you're ever in Tahlequah, eat at El Molcajete.
I struggled to get back on the bike after a huge lunch for only $5. You can't even eat at McDonalds for that. Once back on the road, we lit them back up and rode some new (to me) twisty, narrow roads that were sheer excitement.  I felt good when I rolled into the driveway but was feeling my right hand already.  Today, I can not grip or pick up anything, its a good thing I have a left hand.

btw Kim, I am starting to like the gel grips now that I have some 350 miles on them.
Eagles Bluff bridge with Mike Palmer and Greg Trosper.
Eagles Bluff bridge.
Abandoned Illinois River bridge
Decay on bridge
Concrete cracking 
This sign can't mean us!
Grown over deck of the llinois River bridge


Kim said...

I'm glad you're getting some riding in. Actually sounds like a lot of riding. As always, the pics are great.

I'm in Wisconsin and it's 25 today with a low of 5 tonight. Normal temp for this time of year is in the 40s. So . . . I'm not getting much riding in. But I have sure been thinking about it.

Sorry about your hand. Funny how when you're riding it doesn't seem like it hurts that bad.

Yes - it's amazing what girls are accomplishing these days.

mary said...

Love that final picture. I took one last year of an old house totally consumed by bushes and ivy. I love seeing nature take things back.
Sounds like a nice ride. Hope the hand calms soon.

Terry said...

Hello Kim, finally off work for a few days and its so cold here right now, I won't be doing any riding on my 4 days off this week. Guess I will fire up the heater in the garage and work on my bike a little. You will be riding soon, just hang on a little bit longer.

Mary, I love that last photo also. Was wild when we first stepped up there on the deck and saw all of the growth on it. My hand was better (not normal-just better) the next day ... just in time to go back to work.

rheumatoid arthritis symptoms said...

Lovely photos. Looks calming and relaxing indeed. It makes me wanna go home and relax for a while. thanks for sharing them. Have a great day ahead.

Terry said...

RAS, thank you. My riding and seeing things out on rides helps drive me to keep pushing on with life. I don't ride pain free but it's definitely worth it.