Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good Friday

I like all of the seasons with the exception of winter, I used to enjoy winter until my jackass friend RA moved in.  Spring is more than just a date on a calendar to me, I love spring because the air smells so clean and fresh.  I like to hear the birds singing and watch everything green back up, witness nature coming back to life after a dormant winter.  I like thunderstorms, frogs croaking at night, in short spring makes me (and my RA) happy.  

I got off of work at 7am on Good Friday that was followed by a Bad Saturday.  We had rain move in and despite the warm temperature, by mid afternoon my RA started misbehaving.  I hurt so much that I went on to bed at 10pm and slept til 10am Saturday morning.  I got out of bed, but hurt so bad that I could barely make it to the living room.  I wound up going back to bed at 11am and slept til 3pm.  I felt marginally better at 3 so I forced myself to get up, clean the kitchen and get my bike prepped for Monday just in case I feel like riding.

My RA has really gotten in the way of doing many things this winter and I'm hoping that spring will be just what I need.  My hands and feet have been hurting moderately over the past two weeks and wouldn't you know it ... a new area of pain to deal with.  Actually I think this is more OA related though.  I broke my right collar bone (racing motorcycles - of course) right up against my neck 25 years ago.  It bothered me for a couple of years but other than an occasional severe storm coming through, has been silent ... until 2 weeks ago. 

Speaking of severe storms, we had our first tornado of 2013 Saturday night.  Actually we didn't have one, it was 25 miles west of us moving our direction.  By the time the storm passed over us it was merely high winds, pea sized hail and a ton of lightning and thunder.  We did put the new Edge in the garage though, just in case.  They had golf ball size hail just to our north.

I hope that I feel up to riding tomorrow.  Right now, I can see it going either way.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you and yours! Those storms get me every time. It is off the chart sometimes isn't it?! I'm so sorry to hear you have a new area of pain rearing it's ugly head. Here's hoping and praying it will subside and the warmer weather will bring relief soon! And a tornado--eek! Glad it didn't get any closer!

Terry said...

RFG, so good to hear from you! Every time the barometer drops down in the lower 29's, I hurt. My collar bone pain should subside before long (at least that's what I'm telling myself) but I'm definitely looking forward to consistent warm weather. Living in Oklahoma, we get close to several tornadoes, we just keep an eye on them when they are close. We have lost shingles twice but no major damage ... yet.

Cathy said...

Storms are hard on the body. :( I hope you were able to get out and ride. We took our bicycles out for a 10 mile ride yesterday. It was so nice to have the sun on our faces, but my hips weren't happy with the uphills.

Terry said...

Hello Cathy, hate to say it but nope ... couldn't ride Monday. And it was 74 outside, talk about torture. Today its back to rain and cold temps for the next 4 days, it will be spring one day soon. 10 miles is awesome on your bicycle, proud of you.