Monday, February 11, 2013

Pain/Fatigue vs Fun

I believe it was Lana ( Living Life As I See Fit ) that once described RA as a two year old who acts out at the most inopportune times.  I have missed numerous plans with the family and some big rides with best friends due to RA.  At times I feel like it is turning me into a social recluse.  And then there are the times that I push myself to go out to eat or to see a movie that I really don't feel up to it (but I go on any way for fear of being labeled a loner or worse) and cannot enjoy myself due to either excessive pain or fatigue.  Last Sunday I got off of work at 7 am, came home and slept 4 hours, then did a short 80 mile solo ride (can't waste a 68 degree day in February).  After getting cleaned up, we went to the kids house for a Super Bowl party.  It would have been easier to stay at home and watch the game but I wanted to go.  Our daughter and son in law are well grounded and I haven't met any of their friends yet that I don't like.  Plus, I always enjoy playing with Lizzy, their Alaskan Husky.  She knows that she has me wrapped around her paw and takes full advantage of this fact every time I am over.  I had a great time despite hurting and was glad I made myself go afterwards.  
Meet Miss Lizzy
She is captivated by phones, she can also open the gate by herself.
While it's not fair that we have to weigh pain/fatigue versus fun for almost everything we do, we have little choice in the matter.  Had I chosen to stay home to watch the game, I would have missed a good time with some good people and still been hurting at home anyway.  While healthy people might choose to "wait till they feel better", we do not have that option.  

I have a new project for the KLR that I have been considering for a while.  After getting caught out after dark with the roads wet recently, I decided it was time to add some auxiliary lights.  I just received the brackets yesterday so I am going to wire them up today.  I am using two halogen driving lights (may convert to H3 LED later) that should help light the road better at night plus make me more visible in the daytime.  I will post pictures later on the lights, just did a quick test with the wiring and switch and everything works just like it was put together by someone who actually knows what they are doing.  Since I am electrically challenged, I was delighted that my diagram I drew out in Photoshop worked.  I did have a flashback of the Coyote drawing out a diagram to catch the Roadrunner and considered doing an arrogant little snicker that the Wile E. used to do. Figured I had better not tempt fate.   Fortunately there was no ill fated electrocution on my part while testing ... everything worked fine.
My latest project
Drilling the hole in the auxiliary light brackets


Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

I hate being torn up about where to put what little energy we are left with while dealing with ra. What I hate most is when I have to fight through the pain and fatigue for the housework type of chores. I really hate wasting my precious energy on those tasks but given we are also robbed of financial security often with ra...well...these are the tough choices we must make. Hope you had lots of game time snacks :-)

Wren said...

I know just what you mean re: pain/fatigue vs fun, Terry. Last week, after spending a long day caring for my uncle, when I got home I found that Mom had committed me to a dinner out with she and a couple she and my late dad were old friends with. I don't know them very well and really didn't feel like going out--at ALL. I was tired and achy and wanted to do nothing but flop in the recliner for the evening. But not going would have embarrassed Mom and ... well. So I went. In the end I was glad I did. I enjoyed the company and the meal, and I felt better about myself, too, even if I was still very tired and sore. Sometimes it's worth the extra push--there's a nice surprise!

Terry said...

Deb, I couldn't agree more with you! Hang tough my friend, and by the way ... I ate way too many snacks during the game. But Lizzy helped me with some of them.

Wren, what a good daughter you are to go on and not embarrass you mom even though you didn't feel up to it. Glad you had a good time through it all ... and as a bonus felt better about yourself too!

mary said...

That dog is fantastic, just beautiful!! I agree that sometimes you just have to try and motivate and get out. It seems like being out and about helps take your mind off of the pain.
Good luck with the project.

Lana said...

Lizzy is adorable. Being sick can be a fulltime job. It is time-consuming and it can make person feel like one heck of a loner. While we don’t have a choice in being sick, we still can choose our response. It also helps us to be around others despite how we are feeling. Granted, there will be times we just want to be alone. You are right that we don’t have the luxury of waiting until we are better and I think participating in life despite our challenge makes strong and even brave. (Take that, RA!)

Terry said...

Mary, Lizzy is a handful! She is smart and will even talk back to you sometimes if you try to make her do something she doesn't want to do. She will even go tell my son in law or daughter on each other. haha It does do us good to get out and have fun, even when we don't feel good but there is a fine line between knowing when to go and when to stay home. We all learn this over time and trial and error.

Thanks Lana. You are right, we can choose how we deal with being sick. Every morning when we get up, we choose to be happy or grouchy. Pushing on despite our disease makes us stronger, and we need every once of strength every day to keep on going. Hope you're having some warmer weather.