Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Quickie

Living with RA severely limits my seat time on my bikes.  It had been 3 weeks since I had been out but Monday the mercury rose to a nice, balmy 52 degrees.  I had been good the previous three weeks, had trimmed up all of the trees on our three acres, put new speakers in my truck (sounds 1000% better now) and had installed my taller windshield on my KLR.  Monday afternoon was mine to ride finally.  
It would be a short ride, 52 degrees at 55-75 mph impacts my RA pretty quickly but just rolling out of the drive way felt good.  I aimed the front end south and immediately felt better just rolling toward the mountains.  I had no place to go today, just out riding.  It's not always about the destination, it's about the journey and I soon found myself winding around a narrow, single lane dirt road and came to a dead end ... except for the tracks that followed the power lines over a small hill.  I popped up over the hill and was standing on the pegs cruising slowly down hill when I came to a river.  This is where the trail ended and as I start to turn to ride back out, I spot a make shift shack to my left with two BIG guys stepping outside looking at me.  I don't know what they were doing (have my suspicions) but I wasn't waiting around to shake their hands and exchange pleasantries.  I enjoy meeting people and talking with them on my rides but these two didn't look like the friendly type.  I quickly rode back up to the dirt road and lit the 650 up.  Later I found some more of the abandoned Midland Valley Railroad bed and another railroad bridge location.  It was a short 90 mile ride but it did me good ... except for the part about half anticipating being shot at.

I am going to finish loading the tree limbs up and haul them off, then taking three of my guns to the range this afternoon to shoot some.  I just put a laser sight on one of my guns and am anxious to get it sighted in.


Kim said...

Glad to hear you're doing better. Of course, I'm jealous but am also glad that you could get a ride in. It's always the best medicine for me. We're having a January thaw with temps up to 40F today. Take care and enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

Always good to hear that you are making the best of it.
We went out ice fishing last weekend and had a good time even though we didn't catch much. It's always good to just get out and do something to avoid the winter blues.
See Ya
Phil - Syracuse

Terry said...

Hello Kim, our temps have sucked since before Christmas but it did hit 70 yesterday so I rode to work last night and did a short ride after getting off this morning on the way home. Overnight low was 53 when I got off this morning at 7am (12 hour shift) but at 55mph in jeans and work boots it gets cold quick. Haha, ok I admit it, RA has turned me into a wimp! Hope you can work in a ride soon.

Phil, glad to hear you are making the most of your winter. You're right about enjoying yourself to avoid the winter blues. You're also tougher than I am to endure ice fishing!!