Monday, November 5, 2012


Always looks better in person than in a photo.
Swimming hole at Redding.
Oklahoma road, half gravel, half asphalt ... I call them graphalt roads.
Considering I have been off of my MTX and Humira for 3 weeks due to a double infection, I have been doing remarkably well.  My hips and left hand have been hurting quite a bit more than normal, far from pain free but not bad.  I am also noticeably more stiff after just sitting for a few minutes, I resumed my normal medical routine last week so I am waiting for the meds to help with this.  I also got my flu shot last week, I am a firm believer in the flu shot now. 

I have been pushing myself pretty hard due to the near perfect weather over the last 2 weeks.  In the last 3 weeks, I have logged 930 miles on my bike plus I am heading out Tuesday morning after voting.  I hate the time change that has it getting dark at 5pm now!  The daylight is nice, but at this time of year, the warmth of the sun is more important.  I was out last Tuesday in a riding jersey and my light riding jacket and was a little warm in the middle of the afternoon.  The sun ducked down behind the mountains and within minutes I was shivering and still 45 miles form home.   Needless to say a hot shower was the first thing I did when I got home. 

I also got to spend a day with my parents last week.  I talk to them a couple of times a week, try to get up to see them every 2-3 weeks, but this was different.  I drove up north and picked them up then took them for a drive over to the Ozark National Forest with all of the fall colors out.  I took them to Oark to eat, then on to the swinging bridge.  Mom almost ran to it saying, "it's been ages since I've walked across a swinging bridge".  My dad worked at the canning factory at Oark before being drafted and going to Korea.  It was really nice seeing them remember days gone by and enjoy themselves.  

I am seriously considering getting a KTM950 Adventure now.  My wife is no help in the matter, she said "go get it".  The only thing holding me up is the weight (additional 5o lbs) and the seat height is 1/2" taller than my 650.  I have lost a lot of strength after living with RA for 9 years and well ... I have to tip toe to touch the ground with my 650 now.  I want the extra power and superior suspension and while I could manage the 950 with no problems right now, I don't know about next year or 2 years down the road.  I hate RA, it once again has me doubting myself. 
Found an abandoned bridge I was looking for.
Approaching it, I thought I could ride across it.
That soon changed as you can see what kind of shape it was
Mom on the swinging bridge.


Kim said...

I am so so so jealous that you are still riding. I'm in Wisconsin and there were snowflakes today. So the bike is put away until probably April.

Yes - pics aren't as good as in person but I sure get the drift of it. Love that pic of your Mum on the bridge. I don't think I've ever been on a swing bridge that long myself.

Thanks for sharing your riding stories. I hope they will make the winter easier on me.

Keep riding.

mary said...

I'm curious about how do you hunt these bridges up? Do you look at old maps?

No biking here Sandy has made a mess of NJ and my bike has stayed safely in the garage. Once the roads are cleared and it warms up a little (unusually cold right now) I hope to get a few more days out on the bike before winter really hits.

abcsofra said...

Somehow I missed the infection thing. Yup, that is the big monster in our ra drug regime closet! Feel better!

Terry said...

Kim, I hate to hear that. It was 68 Tuesday and I rode another 140 miles finding another piece of history. I will post about it next week. We can usually ride all but about 4 weeks here so I don't worry about winterizing my bikes with the exception of fuel stabilizer in the gas when it starts getting cold.
It was nice seeing mom and dad enjoying themselves last week. And mom took me by surprise sprinting across the swinging bridge. haha
Hang in there, you will be riding soon again!

Mary, I do a lot of research on the internet through state sites, bridge reports and the national historic register. Some I can find gps coordinates on, others I have to look a little bit for.
I take it you survived Sandy with no major damage? Hopefully you can get a few more days on the bike this year. Do you ride a trainer through the winter months? (I use to have one but despised it in the winter months)

Hey Deb, yep, had a sinus and inner ear infection. Not bad, got to the doctor early with it this time. I am starting to feel some better already.

mary said...

Sandy left lights out and a lot of downed trees. My county may finally have all of the electric up and running by the end of the week. All in all I feel very lucky. I am heartbroken about our shore towns but in time they will rebuild. I work with the developmentally disabled and a number of those folks have been displaced so we are trying to find ways to help them.

I do have an indoor trainer and use a number of spin and technique DVD's in the winter. I also go to the gym but, like you, I really kind of hate working out indoors. By the end of the cold weather I am so ready to just be outside. I can ride in the winter if it is above 45 and my RA is not too bad.

Hope your weather stays good for a while. Snowing here Ugh!!