Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Figures ...

My RA has decided to behave over the last week so I was looking forward to my 4 days off this week.  Then on my final night at work last week, I started noticing a light headed feeling when I would turn my head or look up.  Not good, later toward the end of my shift I felt pressure building up in my forehead and cheeks.  Yep, going to be a wash on riding this weekend.  Went to the doctor first thing Monday and as I suspected, a sinus and ear infection.  Then I went on to my rheumatologist for some scheduled blood work, ah two doctor visits in one day.  Still my RA is hardly noticeable ... I really need to be riding, the weather is better than perfect today, but turning your head and becoming light headed is not a good combination for being on a motorcycle.  It's hard work being responsible!
I had just sat down at my computer yesterday afternoon when Donna hollered, "you have a visitor".  As I approached the front door, I was immediately jealous, the guy was riding a BMW 1200GS.  I opened the door and he took his helmet off and it was Greg.  I used to work with Greg, then he went to Iraq as a civilian contractor 10 years ago.  He just got back into the states for good this time and had bought the BMW yesterday afternoon.  We talked for two hours, have a ride planned for next Tuesday and are getting some of the old co-workers together to go out to eat.  We have had a lot of good times with Greg and now I look forward to many more.  Good to have him and Debbie back home safely.
Greg and his new BMW 1200GS, just in from Iraq.
I have been pursuing a BMW F800GS hot and heavy over the past week and finally got the real story from the owner.  He took it with him to Italy, can not get it registered over there and must sell it back here in the states where he bought it.  Although it is a good clean bike at a VERY good price, I just don't feel like dealing with shipping a bike back here and getting it through customs then hoping the guy has  all of the paper work needed to get it transferred to my name and tagged.  Just don't need the aggravation. 
BMW 800 that I have given up on for now.


Squirrel said...

Great to hear your RA is behaving, although how typical that you got an infection at this time! Hopefully you'll be able to get a good ride in with your friend this week to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

That 1200 is sweet. Don't give up on the 800 yet, it might work out. I don't know Greg but I bet anyone who has been in Iraq for 10 years has some stories! Always good to have another riding buddy.

Terry said...

Hey Squirrel, good to hear from you. I know ... at least I used my days off to get well so I can go back to work tonight without missing work. haha I am going to take Greg on a ride through the Ouachita National Forest next week, the trees are just starting to turn for fall. Should be a good ride.

Anon, I haven't completely wrote the 800 off, but it is doubtful now. I have heard many stories from Greg over the past few years when he would come back to town for a few days, I'm sure I will hear many more. I have heard enough to know that I am glad I was not over there.

abcsofra said...

I bet you were surprised to see him :-) Glad he made it safely back to the states and looking forward to upcoming pics of your planned ride.

mary said...

Wonderful to see old friends after a long absence. Last month I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in 17 years. We stay in touch by phone but there is nothing like sitting down with old friends.

Glad you RA is behaving and that you were an adult and didn't risk a ride with a neck problem.

Lana said...

I am glad that you are RA is behaving. Mine is kind of behaving. It is behaving because I watch my diet carefully. I have stopped eating most carbs (breads, pastas, etc.) in order to keep the gluten from making my symptoms worse and I have been eating healthy overall and it is has been working for me. I have also lost about 20 pounds in the last three months but I wish my RA would behave without all this work but the weight loss and the healthy thing regardless. It is still really not fair – but I am over it. :-) I am glad that your friend is home from Iraq safe and I hope that you are riding next week. We have really Fall weather here – 50s and 60s – some sun and some rain and it sucks for people with RA. I love this time of the year because it is beautiful but my dear friend, Arthur, is making it hard to get it. I am also afraid that being out with make the minor symptoms I already have worse. Enjoy your weekend and try to show RA who’s boss.

Terry said...

Deb, I nearly fell over when he pulled his helmet off at the front door. I have a couple of good loops to drag his happy butt over tomorrow. I'll let him decide which way he wants to go when we head out in the morning.

Mary, that's the way with Mike and myself, we talk by phone but nothing like face to face time with best friends.

Lana, the RA is still sort of behaving this week. Looking forward to getting out to ride tomorrow and, providing RA allows me, Tuesday to make up for missing the last couple of weeks. I seriously need to start eating better. Losing 20 lbs is awesome! It's not fair but we don't have a choice in the matter. Our temps have been all over the place lately. Last weekend we had our first frost of the fall, last night we had severe storms with tornadoes.

payitforward said...

I am a 45 year old male. I was diagnosed with R.A. about 6 years ago. This disease has changed my life. When it started, I knew little of what to expect and how this disease would progress. I started reading about it but since the symptoms, etc. didn't match my condition at that time, I relaxed and had a false sense of relief. I assumed it must be a mild form and that I will be fine.

However my body started to feel the full power of R.A. after about a year and I started consuming a cocktail of allopathic medication. My body started to crumble - pain, inflammation in all possible joints, lack of strength, mental fatigue, confusion about the future and a total surrender to the disease. I also lost a successful business and that hurt me mentally and financially.

The allopathic medication proved to be of little help and was almost (I was able to move with great difficulty) bedridden for about 18 months.

This is when I decided to fight. I had to. The doctors were not able to give me a satisfactory recovery plan. I decided to try alternate routes to recovery. First with Ayurveda and then with Homeopathy. This new combination helped me. My body started to respond and this fuelled my quest for more alternate medical therapies.

Today I use combination of Ayurvedic & Homeopathic medicines, I do Accunpucture, Yoga & Urine Therapy besides exercises to strengthen my body. It's been more than a year since I stopped allopatic medication and now depend solely on natural remedies. Besides natural medicines, I also stick to diet that's suitable to my body.

My ESR (sedimentation rate) which was 130 has come down to 30 & CRP which was 80 is now 11 in about a years time.

I believe that our body is capable of healing itself but sometimes we just have to provide the right stimulus for healing. If the stimulus is nature based (non chemical) the impact maybe slow but definitely long lasting and without any side effects.

I have benefited from natural remedies and hope this information is useful to people with problems similar to mine. Also if anyone does benefit, please pay it forward and educate others.