Friday, July 6, 2012

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who voted on the new name for my blog.  RA Adventure Rider resoundingly kicked butt ... so I have been playing around with some new designs for the header.  What you currently see may not stay, I am still working on it.  I will try to get my links (to the right) cleaned up this next week so bear with me.
It's been too hot to do anything.  We have already had 15 days over 100, setting a new high temperature last week (only by 1 degree).  We have had two 106 days and one 107 already and it's not even to the normal hot part of summer here.  Needless to say, I have not been riding, with the exception of a few short early morning rides.  I did a quick 65 mile ride last Sunday which saw me bringing the sun up as I was out on the road.  Stopped by downtown Fort Smith and just shot a few pictures around town.  Then headed out south of town and was back home by 9:00am.  I have had the back end of my bike apart doing some maintenance on it, replacing rear wheel bearings, rear brake pads, checking and greasing swingarm and shock linkage bearings.  I got my care package in from Rocky Mountain last Wednesday so I thought I would work on my bike after I got home from work at midnight.  After getting a quick snack, I grabbed my box of parts and headed to the shop.  After about 20 minutes, I gave it up and went back inside the house.  At 1:15 in the morning, it was still 92 degrees!  
My ra has been acceptable.  Thats all I am going to say about it.  I have got back to walking 30 minutes every day and I'm doing a light workout with weights 3 days a week.  I feel ok, it's not easy, I am having to push myself to even go walk, but I feel better once I get out there.  The weights are a different story though, I have lost muscle over the last few years and am having to workout with much lighter weight.  Doesn't do much for ones self esteem, but hey ... I'm fat, old and crippled ... I'm still doing alright I guess.
I hope someone, somewhere is enjoying cooler temps along with some rain this summer.


mary said...

Like the new header a lot!! Hot, hot, hot everywhere. Our weather breaks tomorrow. Hope yours breaks soon. 93 degrees at 9am is way too hot to ride or do much of anything outside. Triple digits today again here also. Thanks goodness for air conditioning.

Having some work done on my knee Monday and then I should be back up and riding (slowly and in low gear….very low gear) in a few weeks. Slow and short rides are better than no ride at all.

Terry said...

Thanks Mary! I have talked with 2 different riders that have been to Colorado and they both talked about 100 degree days up there ... thats just not right. But then one of them is still up there and told me Friday that he had been wearing his heavy jacket all day up around Gunnison. Now thats more like it.

Good luck with the knee. Take it slowly and let it heal good. I know what you mean about the short rides.

Anonymous said...

Very hot here on the east side.
It's been really tough to paint the house or work in the yard between the heat and the RA.
I'm doing pretty well on the latest cocktail of meds and hope you continue to be able get out there.
Very nice bags on the bike and the header looks nice too.
Take care


Terry said...

Phil,its hot everywhere this summer! I need to paint my shop this summer but so far I have put it off. haha I will probably painting this fall in the cold! Thanks, those are Happy Trails panniers,top notch quality.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry, I like the new title! Long time no speak. Sounds like RA is at least "manageable" for you at the moment. Sorry for the heat. It's 75 in Seattle right now :)

Terry said...

Hey Andrew, great to hear from you! I am still working and riding so I am not going to complain though it's no picnic most days. I hope you are doing okay these days. 75 sounds so good, our night temps only drop down to the mid 70's to 80 right now.

Cathy said...

Things are looking good around here Terry!