Saturday, July 28, 2012

Even A Caveman Can Do It

In the current world of all you computer savvy bloggers and overachievers, I have a confession to make ... I'm a technological moron.  I am just getting a new computer up and running and then ...I drop my cell phone at work this week.  Not a normal drop, oh no, done that a hundred times.  This time the face of my Samsung Infuse hit a sharp corner of the stairway I was descending as it fell out of my stupid RA ridden fingers.  After fighting with AT&T over how much I should pay with their insurance, I finally got my new phone.  I go to transfer my photos and contacts from my old phone last night, after getting in from work at midnight, and realize that since the screen is black ... I can not see how to turn on the USB connectivity to dump stuff to my computer.  Okay, I will just get up and run to AT&T and have them get my contacts for me.  Wrong again ... they need to be able to get to the same damn thing.  So, here I sit typing in contacts by hand - one by one.  My mind isn't what it used to be but I don't worry about it ... I keep stuff in my cell phone.  Until I drop it and can't retrieve it.  I have seen many changes in my life, like B&W tv, rotary dial phones, typewriters, metal ice trays ... haha, lets see kids  today try to get ice out of those.  Somedays I think I would be better off with a stone and chisel. 
Too hot to ride right now, have another good ride laid out for when it starts cooling down this fall.  It will be a one day ride approximately 140 miles, passing in the edge of the Ozark National Forest and will include 7 bridges to shoot. 
Today it is above 100 (again), with the next 8 days forecast for the same thing.  Going to listen to our son in laws band play tonight.  Life is still good, even if my RA is dogging me and the heat is preventing me from riding right now.  It depends a lot on your attitude and I refuse to let it beat me. 


Anonymous said...

Way to keep the attitude strong, Terry. Haven't stopped by in a while. Blogging hiatus. Love your new blog name and photos.

I am right there with you and the temp.s exceeding the 100s. Crazy, kick your butt hot. Not fun. Thank God for air conditioning!

Keep, keeping on!

mary said...

I'm also techno impaired. I had to get a new computer last month and still don't have all of my backed up stuff restored ugh. I don't have a cell phone. I have people yapping at me all day at work. I certainly don't want them to hunt me up when I am off. Sometimes I wonder if we don't depend on techno stuff too much. I lost my email and phone info and now just have to wait for people to email me.

Hot here also. Not so great for bike riding. I am awaiting news from my insurance company and will likely have knee surgery in August. Oh well, there’s always next year for those longer rides. Right now I am just glad to get out and spin a little. Hope your weather breaks soon and that you have a nice long fall.

Lana said...

I used to consider myself tech savvy but there is so much out there that I wouldn’t know what to do with. I am thinking about getting a Kindle E-Reader but I am wondering whether I will get frustrated with trying to figure it out that it ends up not used. All the games that my kids play (yes, even the 3 year old), I wouldn’t know how to start playing. I think is a generational thing and each generation feels less adept than the next one. I only recently learned how to send photos and contacts by Bluetooth and would not know where to start with the USB. You probably would have gone faster with the Bluetooth option, BTW. :-) Without Bluetooth, I would have manually entered my contacts too. My son (age 12) and I have the same Android phone and my son knows more about the phones than I do. I may as well help you with the stone and chisel. I am not thrilled with this weather so I have been indoors more than I would like. Stay cool and good luck with all the tech stuff. :-)

Candied Frogs said...

I thought I was a computer giant back in the day when I was writing programs in Borland's BASIC! LOL, I don't even have a cell phone Terry... The technological world has picked up speed and blasted right past me. I'm a true techno-dwarf now! The good news is, the older we get... the less we care about this accelerating technological nightmare anyway. I'm happy with my email and a land line. :)

Terry said...

RFG, I know about the blogging hiatus. Been hard for me to write, I'm to a point where I am tired of thinking about RA on top of living with it and it has been too hot to ride. Not much to blog about lately, but I will pick it back up soon. Amen on the ac!

Mary, I used to consider myself fairly tech savvy, but I'm a tech midget now. I understand about people hounding you, I used to have a high pressure job that required me being available at home. I hated that part. When I leave work ... I want to leave work, not have it follow me home. Good luck with the knee surgery. Some light spinning afterwards might be good therapy. Would certainly be more fun than going to a gym for rehab after surgery.

Terry said...

Lana, the tech world has passed me by. I have still not got everything off of ny old computer to the new one... just lazy though. All I have to do is hook an ethernet cable up and transfer my data (mostly photos and music that I want). I have just had no drive to do anything lately, not sure if its the heat, fatigue from RA or if I'm just turning into a lazy old fart! lol
btw, you're ahead of me... I have resisted going bluetooth so far.

Andy, I went to help my daughter with her website (for her photography business) and was coding with plain html and javascript when one of her friends, about 35 younger than I am, looked at it also. He looked at what I was doing and liked it but said if I did it a new way it would be more secure. I was so lost on what he was doing, I felt like a total idiot. You are not alone my friend, I have been bypassed ... and I don't really even care now that I think about it. I'm still doing just fine as a moron.